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Cover Webinar Planning Syngenta
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Webinar Planning Syngenta

Project Success at Syngenta: Learn the Secrets of Successful Planning On 07.09.2023, our webinar on project planning at Syngenta...

Webinar Personnel Cost Planning Q2 2023 Cover Image
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Webinar Personnel Cost Planning

Personnel costs under control: Learn how to do it in our webinar Our webinar on personnel cost planning will take place on 18.04.2023....

Visual Webinar Data Democratization
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Webinar Data Democratization

Discover the benefits of "Data Democratization" in our upcoming webinar on March 23, 2023, where our experts will explain how democratizing data...

Feature Update SAP DWC & SAC Q4/2023
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Webinar DWC & SAC Feature Update Q4/2023

Learn everything you need to know about the latest feature updates to SAP DWC & SAC in Q4 2023. On October 13, our exclusive webinar will take place...

Webinar SAP DWC & SAC Feature Update Q3
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Webinar DWC & SAC Feature Update Q3/2023

Latest feature updates for SAP DWC & SAC in July 2023: Maximize your data usage! Experience the latest feature updates from...

13th Richmond Finance Directors' Forum
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Richmond Finance Directors' Forum 2023

Experience financial management at the highest level - Attend the Finance Director Forum in Interlaken, September 7-9, 2023 The Finance...

Event Oktoberfest 28.09.2023
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Oktoberfest September 28 2023

Cheers to the partnership in Wiesn fever at the Oktoberfest Konstanz 2023! Event details What? Oktoberfest Konstanz When? Thursday, September 28, 2023...

Webinar Feature Update DWC & SAC Q2 2023
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Webinar DWC & SAC Feature Update Q2/2023

SAP DWC & SAC in Q2 2023: Feature Update for Even Better Data Utilization Welcome to our webinar on the...

Summer Nights Apéro 2023
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The Art of Data: Analytics Summer Nights Apéro on 23.06.2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Data: The s-peers Summer Nights Apéro 2023! This year's Summer Nights Apéro is themed...

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Webinar DWC & SAC Feature Update Q1/2023

SAP DWC & SAC in focus - Learn all about the latest features in the first quarter. Experience the...

Event Technology Forum TG 11.05.2023
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The Thurgau Technology Forum on 11.05.2023

Innovation power from Thurgau: Experience the latest developments in technology! Let the experts at the Thurgau...

Analytics & Sustainability Summit Banner 2023
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Analytics & Sustainability Summit 2023

Sustainability meets Analytics: Solutions for a Green Future at Europapark! Experience the future of sustainable entrepreneurship and the associated...