About us

Owner-Operated Corporation

Based in Tägerwilen

Founding Year 2015

Motivated Staff Members

Who We Are

As a highly specialized consulting company with expertise in SAP BI transformations, we have positioned ourselves successfully within the Swiss market. We assist enterprises in taking better and faster decisions – strategically oriented and operatively efficient. Whether strategy definition, process design and implementation or licensing and support during operation: Customers value us for always individual, purposeful and efficient assistance.

What We Do For You

Our Mission:
Ensuring commercial value creation.

Our expertise increases your competitiveness, supports your innovative power and contributes directly to measurable business success.

Our Vision:
One common goal. One passionate culture of innovation.

We clearly imagine how we, as a consulting company, can increase our customers’ business performance as efficiently as possible.

To realize this vision, we are improving ourselves continuously as a community. Thus we win over, inspire and encourage unique personalities and dedicated innovators as our female or male colleagues.

What Characterizes Us


We encourage trust and collegiality between us and our customers. We lead by example. We report what we do – and do what we report. In a transparent and expedient way.


Reliable safety develops from expertise and practical experience: The consistently high quality of our services results from our consultants’ long-term experiences and excellent qualifications.


For completely satisfying results (in terms of quality and quantity), we always proceed in efficient and result-oriented ways which are adapted to the respective conditions.


We take over the responsibility for the quantifiable project successes in your enterprise – based on well-founded professional expertise (technological as well as organizational) and Best Practice knowledge.

Partners & Memberships