Onboarding: Your start as a peer!

This is how your entry works!

You are hired: What's next?

Your first day as a peer

We are looking forward to meeting you! On the first day, your supervisor will show you our organisation and  discuss the first steps with you. You will already get to know some colleagues. As a newcomer, you will be introduced to your personal buddy.

Your Buddy (Peer-to-Peer Learning)

The Buddy is YOUR personal contact for all organisational and technical questions as well as for those regarding our company's culture. Every month, you can exchange ideas in an informal atmosphere and discuss the next steps together.

Learning Workshop /Academy

As a career starter, in the first weeks and months the timetables of our learning workshop will help you, together with the other peers, with important technical training on the SAP tools.  Later on, you will be able to independently get to grips with the technical topics or project management content and learn how to acquire expertise. For experienced professionals (Professionals and Seniors) we have developed various upskilling programmes on innovative content. The blogs of the learning workshop are based on the principle that we all share our knowledge and thereby support and strengthen each other.

Your peer support

We help each other. Besides your personal contact person, all the other peers know how valuable mutual support is. So do not hesitate to ask for help.

60-day feedback with the HR department

After two months, we will have a confidential conversation with your contact person from the HR department to discuss whether we have been able to keep our promises and what further support options are available to you.

Feedback culture

We also want to encourage you to express your feedback in everyday life and to make suggestions for improvement.  You will also receive regular feedback from your supervisor and mentor. Twice a year, the formal appraisal interview takes place in which we will discuss your development and the roadmap for further steps.

Training on the job 

With us you can get started! Right from the start you will be - within the scope of your possibilities - involved in the current project work in your team. This way, you can quickly gain ground in your new job and prove your skills.

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