What are the tools of the learning workshop?

The individual learning elements of the learning workshop are presented below:

Internallyregulartraining sessions on current and/or relevant topics are organised internally on a regular basis. These usually take place on Fridays to enable as many employees as possible to participate. The implementation of or participation inPeerlabsis often part of the target agreements between employees and the respective team leaders.


Since 2019, a two-day hackathon has been organised annually. The topics and groups are selected and determined in advance. On the second day, the award ceremony takes place during a joint dinner.


The know-how sessions serve the continuous transfer of knowledge. They are launched on the initiative of employees and held in online series.


ThePeertimeis our information event that we organise once a quarter. Lectures are given here that may be of interest to all workshops.


Lunchlabs are learning events that we organise on Fridays over lunch, where we provide compact information on current topics.


External training is offered, for example, in the form of SAP trainings in SAP training centers.

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