Predictive Analytics Predictive Controlling

Automation of the Rolling Monthly Income Statement

The Monthly Rolling Extrapolation forecasts sales or company success precisely by a few mouse clicks. This innovative and automated system –developed and implemented by s-peers AG – is based on standardized algorithms. 

The new forecasts generated by Monthly Rolling Extrapolation represent an enormous increase of information density. Together with the automated concept, this results in e.g. the following obvious advantages:  

  • Logistical processes can be optimized and made more efficient.  
  • The massive reduction of manual activities frees up capacities for new important tasks while the error probability is reduced significantly. 
  • The Controlling department of a company can present various possible scenarios – which, in turn, allows the Management to depict uncertainties timely and to react to changes proactively (especially important e.g. during the current Covid-19 crisis). 

Predictive Analytics / Predictive Controlling 

By using Predictive Analytics (automation of rolling monthly sales or success forecasts), a company can increase the density of information to a massive extent. Comprehensive adjustments and simulations are possible at any time on an automatically calculated database. Simultaneously, Controlling processes are streamlined and made more efficient. 

The same applies in terms of Planning events: By using the forecast, default values can be generated in a fully automated way. These values are then transferred to the budgeting process as a basis and can be modified specifically by the staff members responsible for Planning. 

The introduction of Predictive Analytics at Coop Mineraloel AG has proved to be very successful: The convincing project result is a clearly structured monthly forecast of the income statements of the numerous individual locations. From now on, 16 rolling and automatically generated forecasts are calculated on a monthly basis. These forecasts respectively contain the sales volumes and the turnover (differentiated by fuel type) as well as the shop turnover. Due to insufficient personnel resources, they could not be generated manually in this quantity. However, regular reporting at Coop Mineraloel AG runs uniformly and smoothly – thanks to extensive automation via Predictive Analytics. 

Another successful example was the introduction of Predictive Analytics at Sto SE & Co. KGaA which is is an internationally leading producer of facade systems (coated, suspended, composite heat insulation) as well as of paints, plasters and lacquers. Together with s-peers AG, the Sto Group has made its Group Reporting even more fit for the future: Via Predictive Controlling, the division responsible is now able to prepare monthly consolidated forecasts in a largely automated way and to efficiently integrate them into the reporting packages. The prepared projections consider all activities relevant to the Financial Statements of the Group.  

You are interested in more specific information about Predictive Analytics / Predictive Controlling? Then please feel free to read the additional details offered here and here. 

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