s-peers AG @ SAP Forum Basel 2019

During two inspiring days, decision-makers from business, science and IT meet at the SAP Campus in Basel. The focus is equally on a shared view of an intelligent future, knowledge transfer and valuable networking. We are proud that we will be actively involved in the Basel Forum again in 2019. We are represented in the agenda on both days.

Business Summit & Expert Summit (3rd and 4th of April) each at 12:30 p.m.
Quickly transform digital data into predictive, customer-centric insights
in the SAP Cloud Live Theater

Based on practical examples, we will show you how a user-friendly UI with ultramodern analytics functions helps you turn digital data into predictive, customer-centric insights quickly (next-best offer, identification of upselling potential, offers for maintenance services). Use the results to shape real-time interactions and make contextual decisions, to shape custom-tailored offers for your customers. The prediction functions of SAP Analytics Cloud help you identify which factors are important for your business. The results can be transferred to your operational systems as activities.

Expert Summit – on 4th of April at 14:30 p.m.
Financial Budget Planning and HR Reporting with SAC – Assesment at Helsana
Learning Session 1

In this break-out session, we use the results of a software assessment by the Swiss insurance group Helsana to show you the options available to you for combining reporting, planning and forecasting in a single instrument – the SAP Analytics Cloud. Planned figures and associated activities originally maintained in Excel files are mapped in an integrated solution. In order to gain interdisciplinary experience, the area of the planning application in assessment is enriched with HR dashboards that are relevant for the personnel area – so that holistic views across different departments can be created on a single platform.

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