BOM explosion - transparency and cost savings through efficient and high-performance reporting

What is the bill of material explosion? What is a material where-used list? Is the BOM explosion an SAP add-on? How complex is the implementation? Is a cost calculation comparison possible? These and other questions are answered here.

Advantages: How you benefit from BOM explosion


Full Transparency for costs, Material use and hourly expenditure

Save time

Time saving at the Data preparation

Calculation options

Better costing overview through the parts list explosion


Comparative analyses on different dimensions (e.g. for the production wplant)


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What is the BOM explosion?

  • The BOM explosion consists of a modern BW data model that transfers the entire data stream into a reporting layer.
  • The data can be analysed in detailed and granular views.
  • One application example for BOM explosion with SAP is for product cost analyses, for example. However, there are also numerous other conceivable uses where the data can be prepared and interpreted with the can be processed and interpreted.
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"With this Reporting-tool and the underlying data model we give our customers a simple and fast way to analyse complex business processes. businessrelationships in theiof the parts lists (production and/or logistics) and this at a high level of detail.. With the correct interpretation of the data and the resultingdecisions considerable cost savings can be achieved.."

Harald Wetzel, Head of Basel location

Harald Wetzel
Harald Wetzel
Head of Basle office

How long does the implementation process take and what are the individual steps?

Possible steps for the Prototype installationswhich approx. 1 week takes, are the following:

Step 1

Data delivery

Multiple csv-files in a predefined format are supplied by the customer.

Step 2

Data processing

The supplied data are stored in the s-peers data warehouse system to a final csv-file processed.

Step 3

Customized Fitting

The data sources and data models are generated and implemented for the customer BW and S/4 system. (DEV>QUAL>PROD).

Step 4

Integration into the BW system of the customer

After Efter completing steps 1-3, the final csv-file into the customer-BW system and is thus immediately available for all reporting-overviews.

Whitepaper BOM resolution

This article presents a solution for reporting and analysing product costing data (costing) across the entire product structure (view at multiple BOM levels).

The solution includes views for the product structure by BOM level or for aggregated data. Here, for example, where-used list functions for material (base material or assembly) or the respective activity type of various areas are precisely analysed.

Screenshot whitepaper parts list resolution

Successful BOM explosion in five steps

This video presents a solution for reporting and analysing product costing data (costing) across the entire product structure. The video answers the following questions:

  1. What is BOM explosion in SAP Analytics Cloud?
  2. What are the concrete advantages for the customer?
  3. How long does the Implementation?
  4. What is the process of the implementation?
  5. Are there success stories from the practice?
BOM explosion with the SAC 5 topics you need to know (2)
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