Analytics Consulting Communication & Community: The path to becoming a data-driven company

Don't just introduce tools, use them successfully! With strategic data democratization, employees are successfully supported, empowered and networked in the change management process.

Advancing data democratization in the company with analytics consulting for communication & community

Strategic analytics consulting and the associated lively community strengthen the principle of data democratization in the company. Data democratization enables all employees to access relevant data and thus always base decisions on data.

In addition, the data democratization approach gives companies a broader range of options to increase their organizational flexibility and improve their responsiveness to market changes, customer needs and internal optimization opportunities. 

This also lays a solid foundation for the expansion of self-service business intelligence (SSBI), enabling employees to carry out their own analyses and gain insights without having to rely on support from the IT department.

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What can be achieved with an analytics community and strategic communication?

By building a vibrant analytics community , employees are to be networked and empowered to analyze data independently, create their own reports and base decisions on data.

Depending on the company, various tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Analysis for Office (AfO) or Microsoft Power BI are available for this purpose. To ensure that the tools are not only introduced but also used successfully in the long term, comprehensive change management and a strategic communication campaign are required that understands the needs of users, continuously involves them and addresses them in a targeted manner. Ultimately, data democratization is the successful goal that is achieved with analytics consulting and the community. In addition, a targeted campaign increases the use of the tools and optimally utilizes them.

Increased use of the tools

Internal marketing and strategic communication significantly increase the use of analytics tools.

Increased data competence in the company

Employees are trained in the use of the tool through training and further education. This also increases data literacy within the company.

Saving resources

The data democratization approach therefore also helps to save resources in all areas (e.g. finance, planning and analysis).

Information material & overview "Analytics consulting Communication & Community" free of charge

Analytics Communication & Community for successful change management

The s-peers approach supports employees from all departments who need to gain insights from data in properly using and developing their skills in dealing with the available technologies. We also take into account the requirements and challenges of different user groups in the context of data analytics and offer personalized services within the self-service community.

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Personal involvement & visibility

  • Users want to create their own reports and dashboards - but need support.
  • Users of BI and analytics solutions do not know who they can / may turn to
  • Desire for a lively and interactive community.
  • Make accessibility & overview of available data transparent!
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Community development & analysis of potentials

  • Together with clients who see themselves strategically as a data-driven company, we develop a communication strategy to establish a self-service BI (analytics) community in the company by addressing and informing employees in a targeted manner through a strategic communication campaign. 
  • Continuous analysis of the participants leads to early recognition of potential.
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Requirements & expected result

  • BTP technologies are available in the organization (at least SAP Analytics Cloud)
  • The customer wants to increase the use (consumption) of the technologies provided and is pursuing the goal of becoming a data-driven company.
  • Community development and strategic communication lead to an increase in the use of the BTP by providing employees with targeted training and increasing data literacy in the company in general.

Why is communication important for analytics?

With targeted and effective communication, complex data and information can be prepared and successfully conveyed

Through communication formats, analysts can turn complex data analysis into a compelling narrative that piques the interest and curiosity of the audience. This inspiring presentation can help raise awareness of the possibilities of data analysis and motivate people to develop creative approaches to solving business problems.

s-peers sees itself as a mediator between IT and business to increase efficiency in the use of analytics.

By making analytics topics accessible to a larger target group at a low entry level, data democratization and data-based decision-making are being significantly advanced.

People follow people. It is therefore important to show the people behind the applications instead of just pointing out learning content. Showing people creates spaces for identification, enables sympathy and increases the ability to remember content.

A strategic and uniform communication campaign within the company picks up new employees directly and integrates them into the existing change management process.

"Communications & Community" webinar on the SAP Analtytics Cloud rollout at AXA Switzerland

In the webinar on December 14, 2023, we will show the effective communication strategy for a data-driven transformation using AXA Switzerland as a practical example.

What does s-peers offer as a solution?

s-peers offers a holistic and data-driven consulting approach for analytics communities and a strategic communication campaign. This includes:

Workshops to analyze the current situation

Interviews & Surveys

Definition of personas

Individual campaign development (theme / visual language)

Development & implementation of roadmap

Consistent & targeted communication across all channels

Your contact for the topic Analytics Communities

"Analytics Communites take our data culture strategies to a new level: the focus on the employee:s, their individual needs & their development opportunities through the support of the tools are key to the sustainable implementation of a data-driven corporate culture."

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Nadine Matt
Customer Engagement & Communication Executive

Important questions on the topic of Analytics Communication & Community

What happens if I don't have a data strategy in place at my company?

The channels included depend on the channels available in the company. A single point of truth, such as an intranet, makes sense here. Information is also sent via personalized emails. Explanatory videos or user-generated videos, entries on a blog and print media in the form of posters, stickers or displays are also possible.

The formats are based on the procedures already established in the company, but can certainly complement them:
  • Training & consultation hours for concrete learning of functions, networking, inspiration and Q&A sessions
  • Low-threshold Introductory rounds with topics & team introductions (Virtual coffees)
  • Dashboard & application examples
  • Learning materials
  • Data catalogs
  • Interactive discussion rounds

Yes, the solution can be scaled to all use cases. 

The cost structure is very flexible and is based on the customer's requirements and challenges.

Depending on this, various workshop packages can be offered for phase 0 (each at a predefined fixed price) if the customer's objectives have been exchanged after a non-binding exchange.

It is also possible that a customer wishes to be accompanied on their journey (phase 1), for example with a call-off contingent, which is billed on a time and material basis.


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