SAP BW Health Check - system optimization for maximum performance

What exactly does this term mean and why is it so important to carry out an SAP BW Health Check? These and other questions are answered here.

What is an SAP BW Health Check?

SAP BW systems are subject to a certain amount of degeneration over time, which can have a negative impact on performance and efficiency. A regular SAP BW Health Check is therefore essential to identify and resolve potential problems at an early stage. This process makes it possible to uncover bottlenecks in system performance, inefficient data models, unused resources and other weaknesses.

By carrying out a health check, companies can ensure that their SAP BW system is functioning optimally, data quality is high and business processes are running smoothly. Ultimately, a regular health check helps to improve the overall efficiency of the SAP BW environment in terms of the return on investment.

The SAP BW Health Check focuses on two main areas:

1. Housekeeping:

The current utilization in terms of storage space and resources is reviewed. Data that is no longer required is identified in order to reduce storage space and optimize system resources.

2. Data loading and query runtimes, data modeling and design:

The efficiency of the data models in terms of query performance and data processing is analyzed. In addition, statistics on data volumes, data loading times and query runtimes are examined in order to make concrete optimization suggestions that can improve the performance of the SAP BW system. 

Results and recommendations for action from the SAP BW Health Check

Optimization of the data model

Recommendations for improving data modeling and structure in order to increase query performance and optimize data processing

Data cleansing plan

A plan to clean up data objects that are no longer required and to optimize memory usage

Performance analysis report

A report on the performance of the system, including statistics on data volumes, data load times and query runtimes as well as recommendations for performance optimization

Action plan for improvements

A concrete plan with steps and a timeframe for implementing the proposed improvements and optimizations

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"Keep your SAP BW system in top form with our reliable SAP BW Health Check, which ensures optimum performance and efficiency."

    Giancarlo Schifano
    Giancarlo Schifano
    Senior Analytics Consultant

      Five convincing reasons why it makes sense to carry out an SAP BW Health Check now


      Early detection of potential problems in the SAP BW system


      Improving system performance


      Reduction of operating and license costs


      Maximizing IT investments


      Ensuring smooth system availability and business operations


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