Cash Panel with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): Multidimensional real-time data analysis in Corporate Treasury

What Cash Panel? How does a cash panel work? Why does the IBCS® standard make sense as the basis for reporting? Which SAP BI tool is best used to implement it? These and other questions are answered here.

Do you benefit from the Corporate Treasury Cash Panel with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

SAC as THE State of the Art BI Tool

As a modern self-service product, SAP Analytics Cloud is intuitive to use. This means that the treasury departments can generate their reports themselves without separate support from the IT department. And in real time - with direct access to the underlying data model of the operative BW transactions.

Management information design

The management information design concept based on the IBCS® notation standard leads to a significant increase in usability, KPI interpretation and comparability in reporting.

Predictive analytics

Within the SAP Analytics Cloud, predictive analysis options can also be coupled with values from the present and the past. The result is a statistical model that allows, among other things, the development of precise scenario analyses. This in turn opens up new possibilities for viewing complex scenarios with different dependencies in real time across different types of risk.

Reporting & planning possible

The concept of the SAC Cash Panel by s-peers is based on the SAP Analytics Cloud, as this efficiently combines the four elementary orientations for all tasks of a liquidity manager:

  • Standard reporting
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Dashboard Reporting & Visualisation
  • Forecast / scenarios
Screenshot: SAC Cash Panel: Cash, Loans, Net Dept
Screenshot Dashboard Cash Panel with the SAC: Cash, Loans and Net Dept

What is a cash panel?

Solutions: SAC Cash Panel
Screenshot Cash Panel with SAC: Net Dept: Top 15 Countries and Net Dept: Flop 15 Countries

What is a cash panel?

  • A cash panel is a reporting tool used by the corporate treasury department of a company.

  • Every company must take care of the issue of corporate treasury. This is about the solvency of a company. Typical corporate treasury tasks are accounting, payment transactions and credit agreements.

  • The Cash Panel is a tool for the corporate treasury department to better measure, report and forecast the solvency - the liquidity of a company.

What is the focus of the Cash Panel Dashboard?

  • The main task of the dashboard is to filter out the most important information from a multitude of data and variables and present it in a way that is appropriate for the addressee.
  • Standardised data visualisation therefore plays a central role: only with suitable preparation and presentation can information be understood as quickly and accurately as possible - and thus lead to better (planning) decisions.
  • In the SAC cash panel dashboard, speed, dynamism and effectiveness are thus significantly increased - especially directly with the departmental staff, who have the best overall picture of liquidity data and corresponding correlations.

The SAC Cash Panel approach combines various data sources in a completely structured and therefore robust model. Market data, for example, which is not yet available in the treasury management system, is integrated into the BI solution.

It is also possible to connect existing TMS or ERP data. In addition, varying reporting occasions can be bundled in the dashboard and linked to different key performance indicators (KPIs), which makes interactions between the KPIs immediately visible and allows flexible and quickest possible analyses.

Your contact for the Cash Panel

"In combination with the high performance of the SAP cloud platform, the standardised dashboard notation concept based on IBCS® ensures that all cash management requirements can be fulfilled with maximum efficiency and relevance to success - currently and especially in the future."

Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
Philipp May
Head of reporting workshop

FAQs Cash Panel & Corporate Treasury

For this reason, we have jointly selected the values in which we can recognise and orient ourselves. Together we live these values. Can you also identify with them?

What are the challenges in measuring a company's liquidity?

  • Static reports, long preparation times, poor informative value, difficult readability and incomplete presentations: Unfavourable deficits of this kind are still frequently observed in corporate liquidity reporting (sub-discipline of treasury management). Despite increased awareness of treasury reporting in recent years, the analysis and reporting possibilities have so far lagged far behind the technological feasibility: the standard reporting within the framework of common treasury management systems is no longer sufficient in most cases or proves to be too inflexible.
  • For example, characteristics and dimensions from operational systems cannot be added easily. Extensions and adaptations require high development efforts, as data models within the transactional system are very difficult to modify. In view of this, the SAC Cash Panel from s-peers presents itself as an optimal, efficient and up-to-date solution in the form of a uniform reporting platform (dashboard). This allows real-time access to all cash data and presents the results of analyses carried out in an easily understandable way by means of visual standardisation - combined with interactive functions.

What is the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®)? And why should IBCS be used for the Cash Panel?

The design of the SAC Cash Panel is based on the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS®) on the basis of the SUCCESS reference set of rules by Prof. Dr.-Ing. The internationally established IBCS® are conceptual, perceptual and semantic guidelines for visual presentation in reporting and formal business communication.

Thanks to the targeted application of this standardised notation concept, the dashboard conveys the information in such a way that factors relevant to decision-making are made available to the respective report recipients in a precise, transparent and addressee-appropriate manner.

Optimal choice of diagrams based on the IBCS® significantly increases the informative value of the individual reports and thus of the entire dashboard. At the same time, the visualisation of the reports is reduced to the relevant information so that the most important aspects can be quickly absorbed and interpreted despite high complexity.

Treasury reporting based on IBCS® thus provides you with a true, accurate and transparent picture of the situation:

  • Reduction to the essentials
  • High information density (incl. comparison possibilities)
  • Consistent standardisation through uniform visual language
  • Consistent structures and clear messages
  • Fast detection and pattern recognition for the reading

Why is the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) suitable as a technological basis?

From a technological point of view, the SAC Cash Panel is based on the SAP Analytics Cloud: this new SAP product allows the full use of business intelligence (BI) and analytical technologies throughout the organisation - including functions that also enable end users in the business departments to perform quick analyses themselves via self-service BI.

The bundling of analysis, reporting and planning functionalities in a single platform with a uniform database enables seamless exchange between diverse organisational roles (supported by collaboration and commenting functions, among other things).

SAP guarantees the operation and support of the cloud solution. Thanks to the SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service), the software is obtained as a service, with a rental price per user. This includes release updates, support from the SAP hotline (365 days/24 hours), mobile apps for tablets/smartphones, process documentation, eLearning and WIKI. At the same time, there are no additional costs or investments for operation, maintenance and IT infrastructure (hardware, DB).

How much does the Cash Panel solution cost?

The standard package is:
12.500,- CHF plus VAT

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