Automated planning of your HR costs

Use your BI tool to create a simple, fast and intuitive planning solution for your HR costs - let us help you implement it!

In times when they are confronted with both a shortage of skilled workers and a high turnover of employees, companies increasingly rely on good and accurate HR cost planning. Often however, such data is still prepared and evaluated manually in the form of Excel spreadsheets, which is not only time-consuming but above all prone to errors.

With the help of your BI tools such as the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), we can guide you towards simple, fast and intuitive HR cost planning. SAP's innovative cloud-based solution enables self-service data modelling and the visualisation of your HR data, while avoiding shadow IT solutions. The ability to link and analyse data from different sources provides the best conditions for good and accurate planning and forecasting capabilities.

Would you like an intuitive planning solution for your HR costs which can also take short-term changes into account? Or maybe you do not yet have a
BI tool to plan your HR costs?

1. Planning optimisation: a flexible and intuitive planning solution for better planning results

2. Increased efficiency: solid, forward-looking HR cost planning increases efficiency by reducing time-consuming tasks.

3. Planning security: in times of high fluctuation, planning security can be ensured by taking short-term changes into account.

4. Individual approach: HR cost planning can be implemented according to your needs.

What can you do now?

Can your data help you to have better HR cost planning?

Solid and accurate HR cost planning is an important element, and we can help you implement it in your BI tool. What HR costs are, the advantages to be gained from HR cost planning and how it can be implemented in your BI tool are all explained in the following video. 

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Steven Poitter
Steven Piotter
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HR cost planning with your BI tool - how does it work?

"We can help you implement your BI tool! An initial discussion will determine your needs and find a tailored solution for planning your HR costs."

What questions might still be open?

HR costs take up a significant part of the overall budget of a company. Good HR cost planning is therefore a basic building block for the solid and meaningful planning of a business overall. HR costs include all personnel-related costs such as wages (production and auxiliary wages), salaries, statutory and voluntary social expenses and then all other ancillary personnel costs. These also include compulsory contributions to unemployment, pension, health, long-term care and accident insurance. In HR cost planning, all personnel-related costs are recorded and related to the cost centre, cost type and cost unit accounts. HR cost planning is based on future staffing levels and expected wage developments.

While you do not need a specific BI tool, each one has its own different advantages:

The transfer and interaction of data within SAP systems, such as the SAP Analytics Cloud or the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, are easier compared to data processing from various different systems. When it comes to forecasting, the various BI tools also differ greatly from one another. The SAP Analytics Cloud for example includes Smart Predict functions to provide the most accurate forecast possible. 

Yes, as data can be imported from various systems into the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Simple Excel files can be connected to it, and also ERP systems. The data can then be modelled, analysed and visualised within the SAC, and a forecast generated with the help of the Smart Predict function.

This is a difficult question to answer as the implementation time depends on various factors such as data provision, data quality, the BI tool and the overall aim of the solution. While a simple and less complex HR cost planning solution can be implemented in just five days as part of a Hack2Build, larger and more complex planning solutions may entail a longer implementation period. 

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