Intuitive data processing with SAP Analysis for Office

Analysis for Office enables deep data analyses and allows outliers and trends to be identified directly in Excel. This intuitive tool still works in the regular Excel environment, which means that the usual tools can continue to be used - at the same time however, there is the ability to create complex reporting, planning and simulation scenarios beyond the usual Excel functions.

This is how you can benefit from SAP Analysis for Office:

SAP Analysis for Office enables (1) simple, Excel-based analysis of large data volumes; (2) rapid access to various data sources (queries, CDS views, HANA, BPC and local files), (3) flexible processing and central or local storage of the workbooks, including offline processing and (4) expandability with planning scenarios (embedded BPC) .

Get a rapid understanding of large amounts of data

Results and key figures from a variety of different Excel-based  data can be prepared on Excel and analysed from a solid basis.

Various sources at a glance

Quick processing and time-saving by merging different data sources such as queries, CDS views, HANA, BPC and local files.

Flexible processing

Central or local storage of the different workbooks, including the option of offline editing.

Planning scenarios included

In the analysis, the actual state is presented as well as forecasts and planning scenarios (Embedded BPC).

Overview of Excel with dashboard add-on Analysis for Office
Your contact person for SAP Analysis for Office

"Overall, SAP Analysisfor Office, with its highly intuitive usage and range of convenient functions, enables for example a controller - even one who does not have in-depth technical knowledge - to get started with Excel-based online data analysis and derive insights from business data."

Philipp May, Head of the Reporting workshop

Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
Philipp May
Head of reporting workshop
Screenshot - Analysis for Office - example of sales planning 
Screenshot of Analysis for Office using the example of a sales planning process

What is SAP Analysis for Office (AfO)? 

  • Analysis for Office is SAP's so-called starter BI tool.
  • The user interface is the Excel or PowerPoint environment. The SAP Analysis for Office application is available in separate tabs.
  • Functions: Read simple reports and run basic but powerful reporting and planning applications.
  • SAP Analysis for Office also includes extensive functions for database connection.

SAP Analysis for Office consists of the following three add-ins:

  1. Analysis add-in 
  2. Business planning and consolidation plug-ins 
  3. Enterprise performance management add-in 

What are the functions of SAP Analysis for Office?

AfO is an add-in that provides multidimensional analyses and can be used for both Excel and PowerPoint. In Microsoft PowerPoint, the required data can be added to a presentation with the add-in - it thus remains up-to-date and can be updated at the touch of a button when changes are made in Excel.

Analysis for Office can be installed for both Microsoft Exceland PowerPoint. Both plug-ins are installed in a joint installation, after which both are available as separate tabs

  • The plug-in contains options for accessing connected BW systems for more demanding analysis.
  • In addition, a number of API functions are available to filter data in the Visual Basic Editor.
  • Many data sources can be accessed directly via Excel without the need for an export.

The following multidimensional analysesare possible:

  • Creating workbooks in Excel
  • Planning in Excel (planning features, systems, manual planning and functions)
  • Data analysis in Excel (sorting data, conditional formatting, filtering and creating hierarchies)
  • Share content (via PPT, BI platform etc.)
  • Connecting databases (e.g. SAP NetWeaver BW)

To use Analysis for Office, the Analysis plug-in must be installed. After that, you can connect directly to one of the following SAP BW systems: 

Import (classic) planning models and reporting as well as live (SAP BW) models.

More questions about AfO are answered here in our knowledge article.

Would you like to get started on implementing SAP Analysis for Office?

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We look forward to answering and solving any of these questions together with you. Get in touch!

Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
Philipp May
Head of reporting workshop
Overview of Excel with dashboard add-on Analysis for Office


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