SAP Store Solutions

Six SAP Store solutions for six needs

Discover the future of business solutions with our innovative products tailored specifically to your needs. As a leading provider of SAP solutions, we offer you a wide range of products and services to optimize your business processes and increase your success. Here are our key solutions:

  1. HR Workforce Planning and Simulation
  2. Carbon Footprint - IFC Element Extractor
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Financial Reporting for SAP Datasphere
  5. GRI Data Collector
  6. Intercompany Plan Elimination

These are our SAP Store products:

HR Solutions

HR Workforce Planning and Simulation

Discover a robust workforce planning solution tailored for medium-sized and large companies in Switzerland, based on data from SAP SuccessFactors. The SAP SuccessFactors data can be integrated with the SAP Datasphere can be provided and modeled. Precise planning, simulation and forecasting of headcount and personnel costs is possible in the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Sustainability Solutions

Carbon Footprint - IFC Element Extractor

Our innovative technology enables construction companies to automatically record and analyze their carbon footprint - for a greener future. In just one application, you can combine a variety of information from different systems (e.g. ERP or CAD systems) and file formats (e.g. *.ifc or *.xlsx) to automatically calculate (SAP Datasphere) and visualize (SAP Analytics Cloud) the carbon footprint of a building element or assembly.


Financial Planning

Based on the planned income and expenditure, you can run through all key departments such as sales, production, HR, procurement and finance to create your financial plan. We use the SAP Analytics Cloud with its extensive functions for planning and your systems as a basis for master and transaction data so that all data is available to you.


Financial Reporting for SAP Datasphere

You want to keep track of your income and costs and gain deeper insights into your financial data. This SAP Datasphere content answers your business questions in detail and in real time.

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability - GRI Data Collector

Simple recording, calculation and visualization of sustainability data. Seamlessly merge relevant information from different source systems (e.g. Excel) and consolidate it into a single point of truth

Reporting & Planning

Intercompany Plan Elimination

In the ongoing planning and posting of income or costs, all intra-group postings must be consolidated. This is where our lean solution comes in. Our solution consists of two components: Firstly, intercompany elimination for the planning functionality and secondly (optionally) the use of the data quality provided by the data modeling functions of SAP Datasphere.

The Managing Director of s-peers AG on the SAP Store solutions

"Our solutions in the SAP Store are the result of our passion for innovation and our deep understanding of our customers' analytics needs. With these solutions, we provide companies with the tools to optimize their processes and shape their future. We are proud to help our customers achieve their goals and be successful."

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