Sustainability Control Tower: Overview of your sustainability KPIs

The collection of sustainability KPIs: from a can to a must!

There is no way around sustainable management and action. However, this can only be achieved by monitoring and recording one's own sustainability performance in the form of data. How nice it would be to have a sustainability solution that enables holistic reporting. Sounds too good to be true? SAP has been working on just such a solution for a long time and now it is here: the SAP Sustainability Control Tower .

The SAP Sustainability Control Tower offers you the platform and the functions for holistic and integrated sustainability management. And not only that: it also offers the possibility to report according to the internationally recognised GRI, SASB, WEF or IBCS sustainability reporting standards. 

With the SAP Sustainability Control Tower for a better overview, reporting and management of your sustainability KPIs!

The Sustainability Control Tower (SCT) explained in 2 minutes

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Would you like a better overview of the performance of your sustainability KPIs, or define your first sustainability KPIs?

What can the Sustainability Control Tower do?

1. overview, planning and forecast of your company's key sustainability figures

2. compliance guarantee: data models meet GRI, SASB, WEF and IBC standards

3. stress-free audit: sustainability KPIs that are an auditor's dream

4. time saving and error reduction through automated reports for internal and external use

Presentation of the features & the interface of the Sustainability Control Tower

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Central features

The SAP Sustainability Control Tower enables manual and automatic data collection functions of your corporate sustainability metrics.

The SAP Analytics Control Tower provides pre-configured data models for, among others, the GRI, SASB, WEF or IBC reporting standards.

Automated reports for internal and external publication (e.g. CSR or CO2 footprint report). The reports can be mapped according to standards. 

Advanced analysis functions - such as planning or forecasting - are possible with the SAP Sustainability Control Tower.

Decision-making based on financial, operational and sustainable performance.

Your contact for the Sustainability Control Tower
Yvonne Avaro - Head of Marketing at s-peers AG
Dr. Yvonne Avaro
Head of marketing and insights

Can the Sustainability Control Tower be tried out?

"Yes, you can try out the Sustainability Control Tower for 30 days. We will be happy to accompany you.
Dr. Yvonne Avaro
Head of Competence Centre Sustainability

8 steps to successful installation of the SCT

Installation Guide for the SAP Sustainability Control Tower
Step 1

Activation of the SCT content

Step 2

Creation of a Space in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Step 3

Create a data connection between the DWC and the SAC.

Step 4

Loading sample content into the DWC

Step 5

Activation of the sample content in the DWC

Step 6

Upload data to the DWC

Step 7

Activation of the sample content in the SAC

Step 8

Set up and run the SCT application

Learn more about the Sustainability Control Tower?

Would you like to delve deeper into the topic of sustainability reporting with the SCT? Feel free to contact us!

Screenshot Sustainability Control Tower KPIs

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