SAP HANA Platform: Modelling

A fast platform – but what do the new modelling tools based on HANA Native Technology mean for your enterprise? How can the new modelling scenarios be distinguished from traditional versions? What are the respective scopes of added value and application during successful system operation?

Our modelling-specific HANA Discovery Workshop purposefully answers the questions of how far operative and analytical scenarios can be distinguished from each other as well as how they can be served optimally with the respective toolsets. As the result of the workshop, our objective is to recommend actions for the mapping of modelling potentials to you – based on your scenarios and with options of the SAP HANA technology.

Target Groups: Project / IT Managers, SAP BI and IT Architects

Interested? We plan individually customized Discovery Workshops for you (respectively half-day, noncommittal, free of charge) and organize these directly at your premises. Please contact us for further details and to arrange your personal appointment!

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