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The analysis of free resp. user-defined texts is a highly attractive option for enterprises: Via this method, current trends and developments (e. g. regarding potential customers or relevant technological changes) can be detected reliably. In turn, prompt and precise reactions based on the results contribute actively to higher turnovers and cost reduction.

However, free texts represent enormous unstructured amounts of data – conventional analytical approaches for structured data are therefore not sufficient any more in this case. Exactly here, “SAP HANA Text Analysis” shows its potential and offers enterprises an optimum solution: The fast In-Memory platform is able to process also very large data volumes (“Big Data”) without any problems. And thanks to the integrated “Text Analysis”, numerous options in terms of search functions, text analysis and Data Mining are provided as well.

Detailed information about this topic is supplied by our comprehensive specialist article in S@PPORT 11/2016 – please download your full version (available in German only) for free:

Erfolgreiche Gewinnsteigerung im Unternehmen mit “SAP HANA Text Analysis”