SAP BW (on | 4) HANA

SAP BW (on | 4) HANA

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Paul Vatter
Paul Vatter

Data Integration

Whether regarding data actuality, speed, agility or analytical functionality: In times of digitalization, the requirements to be met by a Data Warehouse increase swiftly and continuously – away from singular architecture and towards an analytical platform compound.

With the Business Warehouse (on | 4) HANA, SAP offers a mature solution which addresses these requirements very efficiently while accelerating the successful realization of analytical concepts considerably. This is made possible by e. g. open interfaces, modern user interfaces, easier implementability and an impressively high performance.

Data from the most different sources can be integrated into the SAP BW in all sorts of ways:

  • SDA | HANA Vora: Direct access to remote systems (e. g. S/4 HANA, HANA Native, IBM DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, Hadoop, Spark) allows using real-time data during the analytical process without further persisting.
  • Replication Server | SLT: By use of replication technology, source systems are linked to the SAP BW in the shortest time possible. According to demand, the data are available persistently in near-real time. This possibility represents a highly efficient and industrial solution as to most systems designated for integration.
  • Data Services | SAP Business Content: Any other sources can be connected via mature and potent ETL components.

Your contact

Paul Vatter
Paul Vatter

Data Management

Via simplified design principles and versatile platform interfaces, required data can be integrated easily and be provided early for analysis resp. evaluation. At the same time, classic Data Warehouse layers (e. g. persistent data marts with complex transformation logics) remain usable as usual. For ad hoc queries, however, the data can already be used out of the integration layer.

At this point, the potent Data Modelling possibilities of SAP HANA come into effect: For each data model, the SAP BW automatically generates HANA views which can be combined with each other at will (and with external data sources). Subsequently, the further Data Modelling can be implemented with the graphical interface of HANA – but can also be carried out alternatively with Standard SQL, other languages (e. g. R, Python) or SQL-based frontend tools.

At the same time, all well-known and mature SAP BW functionalities for operating a Data Warehouse (e. g. scheduling, monitoring, Delta Management, authorizations) of course remain available as usual.

Access to Information

Your staff members get access to user-friendly BI and Data Mining tools to be able to satisfy their respective information needs quickly and soundly:

  • Design Studio / Lumira: Mobile, interactive and role-based dashboards provide your decision-makers with reliable aggregated data – for making insights into your current business situation as transparent as possible.
  • Analysis for Office: Measure your business success by use of modern reporting tools. Control your business divisions on the basis of findings which are relevant for action and which represent real added value as to your value creation. Moreover, use the integrated and granular data base also to answer new and spontaneous business questions precisely.
  • HANA Information Modeling: Increase the responsiveness of your enterprise per Self-Service BI – advantageously accompanied by lower IT costs and reduced IT effort.
  • Predictive Analytics: Detect trends and patterns reliably with the help of predictive analyses. Reduce the effort for setting up forecast models to just a few minutes by automation. In addition, gain unique knowledge about customers, business processes and markets.
  • HANA-Plattform: Benefit from the open platform and use your analytical data to organize your operative business processes in faster and more intelligent ways.

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