Planning with SAP

Best Possible Planning – Maximum Profit 

The review of actual and historical data by using Business Intelligence (BI) is the basis for the intelligent control of processes. With the next step towards agility, your enterprise’s efficiency can be directed even more purposefully towards success: Experience only becomes valuable when future decisions are derived from it. Benefit maximally from precise, fast and standardized planning processes  with optimal support by users in finance and specialist departments! 

Cooperative Corporate Planning 

Cooperative Corporate Planning is the process which links and coordinates all planning in an enterprise. Silos are eliminated efficiently: Teams from Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, IT and Logistics work together on plans to achieve better business results. 

Corporate Planning (Budget, Forecast, Medium-Term Planning) is essential for all specialist departments: Only on this basis, efficiencies/inefficiencies can be measured in comparison to the corporate objectives in Management Reporting – followed by recommendation and introduction of corrective measures if necessary. 

BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) is SAP’s planning, budgeting and consolidation platform. The interactive solution for business planning provides business process flows to support planning on a process-related basis. In addition, you benefit from optional and seamless integration with SAP BW and the SAP BOBI Suite. Data from non-SAP systems can be integrated easily as well. 

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is by no means just a tool for visual representation but rather represents a unified concept with strategic character: The SAP product combines all relevant functions for BI/Analysis, Planning, Data Integration, Dashboarding, Reporting, Simulation and Advanced Analytics on a single platform – extended by options for Predictive Analytics. The individual functionalities complement each other and thus increase overall performance. At the same time, seamless integration of different data sources (incl. on-premise, non-SAP) is also possible. 

Thanks to central access via Self-Service BI, end users in the specialist departments can directly access and visualize data in a very user-friendly way – combined with the option of creating their own reports and stories. The IT department centrally provides the IT governance and quality-relevant data for this purpose. Users are interlinked via a standardized platform and benefit from easier cooperation through modern, interactive collaboration functions. 

Individual analyses using the SAC are based on the so-called Storytelling whereby each story can consist of various elements (e. g. diagrams, tables, geo-analyses). The SAC system generates suggestions for visualizations and the construction of story boards. Thus, reports and dashboards can be realized intuitively. In addition, the SAC currently is the only SAP product in which the standardized and advantageous visualization based on the IBCS® notation concept is already implemented as a default. In this respect, add-ons from external manufacturers are not required. 

Thanks to the highly performant in-memory technology of SAP HANA, detailed data analyses can be carried out in real time by using the SAC – complemented by an app. Thanks to the responsive design component, the displays adapt to the respective end device. As an SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service), the SAC can be used very easily and cost-efficiently. Therefore the software is always up-to-date and offers maximum performance. In addition, the SAC can be implemented quickly which facilitates a productive start on a short-time basis. 

Reporting and Planning – Basic Functions in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Business Intelligence (BI) The SAC combines data from various sources (internal, external, on-premise, SAP, non-SAP) to create the basis for sound (real-time) analyses – even in case of complex questions/problems. The results and findings can be visualized via ad-hoc reports. 

Planning The SAC eliminates the boundary between Reporting and Planning: Separate planning environments are no longer required. Data can now be entered directly (i. e. without transferring back and forth). Actual data can be integrated into different planning versions. Integrated, interactive functions for live collaboration (e. g. comments, chat, calendar) make planning processes much faster and more efficient. 

Already with the integrated default functions, various forecast models based on time-series analyses can be generated (e. g. for end users). It is also possible to use “Smart Insights” to identify specific relationships between effects based on various influencing factors (e. g. turnover, sales territory, product groups). In addition, Value Driver Trees (VDTs) can be determined and alternative actions can be simulated. 

Together, all these options close the analytics cycle optimally  e. g. if different planning possibilities are to be considered and then to be transferred into the process proper. 

Benefits of the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

  • Highly performant HANA platform with real-time access and optional connection of various data sources (internal, external, on-premise, SAP, non-SAP) 
  • Seamless combination of Business Intelligence, Planning, Advanced and Predictive analytics on a single platform
  • High user-friendliness thanks to SelfService BI 
  • Possibility to use the IBCS® notation concept for maximally efficient decision-making 
  • Interactive functions for collaboration and planning 
  • Possible delivery of analyses and reports to mobile devices 
  • Optimum cost efficiency, up-to-dateness and performance thanks to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) concept 
  • Very quick implementation and productive start possible Optimal visualization (incl. dashboards, diagrams, tables)
  • Possibility to use the IBCS® notation concept for maximally efficient decision-making 

Most SAP solutions for Reporting and Planning can be run on your in-house hardware. These components are complemented by the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) which provides new analytic solutions requiring rapid integration. 

Enterprises are by no means forced to replace their on-premise systems by cloud solutions immediately and completely. Instead, it makes sense to implement a hybrid solution of SAC and On-Premise gradually. In this way, existing solutions can still be used but can also be expanded by Cloud innovations in a targeted and efficient manner. Especially regarding the implementation of new projects in the contexts of Reporting and Planning, it is advisable to rely on a cloud solution right from the start. 

And as already mentioned: The SAC gives you the opportunity to retain the data and results securely in your enterprise. 

Our Expertise: Planning 

We support you competently in expanding and exploiting the Planning potential of your technology as efficiently as possible. 

Within this framework, we offer you e. g. the following services: 

  • Acceptance of overall responsibility for the topic of Planning in case of expansion or new implementation 

  • Design of system architectures in the context of SAP BusinessObjects BI (SAP BO BI), SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), also in the context of hybrid solutions of On-Premise and Cloud

  • Development, setup and implementation of dynamic, customer-specific dashboards / panels, optionally based on the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) 

  • Development, setup and implementation of an efficient reporting framework

  • Development, setup and implementation of interactive planning applications with SAP BPC and SAP SAC

Our Technologies for Planning

  • SAP BOBI Suite incl. Lumira and Analysis for Office 

  • SAP Crystal Reports

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) 

  • SAP BW-Integrated Planning (SAP BW-IP)

  • SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

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