More about us: exciting figures, our values and the company history of s-peers AG

s-peers AG in figures

Owner-managed AG (stock company) with headquarters in Tägerwilen
0 %
Founded in 2015
More than 30 certified SAP Analytics consultants
120% employee growth in the last three years
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32% proportion of women employees
0 %
Over 60,000 SAP Analytics project hours per year
0 .000
Over 300 successful analytics projects
Over 20 analytics programming languages and applications

Values for the cooperation with our customers:


For the work with data, precision is crucial. As a manufacture, s-peers uses this property to handle any project in its uniqueness. In the process, we take our time to fine-tune and perfect the solutions.


Our well-founded way of working is characterised by the fact that we ambitiously and continuously learn with and from each other. Thanks to our well thought-out training concept, our consultants can quickly start working on projects and find solutions together with the client.


For us, uncomplicated means pragmatic. We accommodate the client and convince through personal contact, regular exchange and an individual approach - specifically adapted to the client's needs.

It is important for us to be agile and to implement projects quickly.

We often develop a prototype for the customer in the run-up to a project. This promotes mutual understanding of the possible solution and approach.

Company history of s-peers AG

Groundbreaking: foundation of s-peers AG: Picture of a tree

2015: founding year of s-peers AG

From the very beginning, the corporate purpose and goal was a company focused on SAP Analytics. The Swiss side of the Lake Constance region was chosen as the headquarters because of the high quality of life and ideal "economic" conditions.

Already during the first year, s-peers was able to grow to over 10 employees, most of whom still form the foundations of today's company.

"It has always been enormously important to us that we decide at eye level." Michael May, Managing Director of s-peers AG

According to Michael, many decisions at s-peers have been made through discussion. This maintains a calm working atmosphere in the management.

s-peers AG Logo - The SAP Analytics Manufacture

2018: new name and new logo

In 2015, the company was launched with the name "Sybit & Peers". In October 2018, the rebranding took place with the new name: s-peers.

The "s" of s-peers AG stands for "shining" or "SAP" or "Switzerland". In the same year, the colour was changed and the logo became green. The green colour symbolises both growth and sustainability.

"What we have in our hands, we want to protect!" Michael May, Managing Director s-peers AG

The logo symbolises the gesture that we protect our stakeholders (employees, customers). The "S" can be seen as two hands that allow everything to flourish inside. This defines our corporate culture, because we stand for the support and growth of our projects, customer relationships and employees.

Target disclaimer: The focus of S-peers AG

2019: s-peers AG's cloud-first strategy to drive expansion

In 2017, the expansion of s-peers was strongly driven by the SAP Analytics Cloud. Although the generated revenue was still low at the beginning, the strategy was rewarded from 2018 onwards.

Michael, Managing Director of s-peers AG explains: "This strategy has made us highly visible not only to our clients but also to SAP, who certified us as a Gold Partner in 2018. The paradigm shift was right and crucial for our growth. Another milestone finally took place in 2019, when we became the first partner in the world to sell the Data Warehouse Cloud to Idorsia - a successful biotech start-up company.

With this in mind, we continue to focus on the cloud and concentrate on new technologies such as Industry 4.0 and our carbon accounting solution."

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