That's what the Data Science Workshop is all about: Customer and Predictive Analytics

What kind of analytics solutions does the Data Science Workshop offer? What is Data Science and which application areas are there? Why do I need Data Science? How does Data Science help to increase the success of a company? What products does s-peers offer for this? These and even more questions are answered on this page.

Data is the gold of the 21st century 

In view of the market dynamics (incl. globalisation, commoditisation, liberalisation), the rising flood of data (Big Data) and the hunger for innovation in times of digital change, successful companies are increasingly relying on drawing competitive advantages from future-oriented solutions by means of Data Science: Data is becoming strategic information and thus an important basis for decision-making. In this respect, however, data is only of value if it can be read as efficiently and precisely as possible - only in this way can correlations be uncovered, new insights gained and accurate planning and forecasts made.


Simplify complex processes and analyse analyse data using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Make data-driven decisions with confidence.


MassTailored solutions for all projects.

Crossing boundaries

Data Science methods enable a new view and perspective on your data.


Advantages Data Science Workshop: Data and hand

The solutions of the Data Science Workshop

The reporting workshop focuses on the following SAP Analytics topics: (1) Predictive Analytics, (2) Customer Segmentation (3) Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and (4) Advanced Analytics (e.g. DWC Sales Forecast).

Predictive analytics

Customer segmentation

Customer lifetime value

Advanced analytics

Head of the Data Science Workshop

"Datets are the gold of the 21. Century. Data science methods are indispensable for extracting the refined product from the ore.Every company is interested in extracting the information with the purest quality content from its data..

Together with my team we get the best out of your data and "refine" your business activity with it!"

Dr Eric Trumm Portrait
Dr. Eric Trumm
Head of data science and innovation

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