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HR analytics with the SAP Analytics Cloud 

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HR Analytics is often of staticn Reportsn, the longn and laboriousen preparation of data, lack ofr informative value and incompleten representations characterised. The SAP Analytics Cloud can solve this problem: With the reporting platform (dashboard), which access to all HR data in real time , the results of analyses carried out can be easily displayed in a clear manner. Through the possibility, connect different data sources, the not only further business insights visiblethe company obtains an overall overall view of all its activities.

Questions that will be answered in the webinar:

  • Look & Feel "Corporate Dashboard
  • What are the self-service functions and benefits?
  • What are the possibilities for data connection?
HR analytics with the SAP Analytics Cloud
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Nikola Neig
Nikola Neig
Former Head of Sales
    Roger Benz
    Roger Benz
    HCM Consultant, HR Campus

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