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Within the SAP Analytics Cloud, there are several ways to create stories. Among them the Analytics Designer of the SAP Analytics Cloud. First, SAC Stories and the SAC Application Designer are compared.the latter being particularly useful for developers and IT-savvy users.due to the possibility of free implementation of function and design. Furthermore, the special functionalities of the Application Designer and its advantages over SAC Stories are explained in a live demo. for example, simple widgets such as dropdown menus and the possibility of a and the possibility of a dynamic layout. Later, the differences between the Application Designer and Lumira will be discussed.

Questions that will be answered in the webinar:

  • How should Analytics Designer be classified within the SAP Analytics Cloud?
  • What are the differences between SAC Stories and Analytics Designer?
  • What are the benefits and added value of SAC Analytics Designer compared to Lumira?
SAP Analytics Cloud: analytics designer
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Nikola Neig
Nikola Neig
Former Head of Sales
    Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
    Philipp May
    Head of reporting workshop
    Andreas Bahr
    Andreas Bahr
    Senior Analytics Consultant

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