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Why is everyone talking about IBCS® and what is it all about?

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When creating reports, there are already different ways of presenting them within companies, in different departments. This is often misleading, as without a uniform presentation, the recipient of the report has to spend considerably more time analysing the report.

Notation concepts, such as the IBCS® (International Business Communication Standards), can simplify the process of analysing reports, as the main focus of the IBCS® standards is on the standardisation and conceptualisation of reports, diagrams and presentations. The aim is to achieve a simple presentation of the essential aspects of a report that can be quickly deciphered and understood by the recipient.

Together with our partner Hi-Chart, we explain the basics of IBCS® in this webinar.

Questions that will be answered in the webinar:

  • What can a concrete implementation of the IBCS® look like?
  • Why is it helpful to follow the IBCS® Standards?
  • How can s-peers and Hi-Chart help with the implementation of the standards?
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Nikola Neig
Nikola Neig
Former Head of Sales
Holger Gerths
Founder and CEO HI-Chart GmbH

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