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Wiki: Why do you need a dwh?

Why you need a data warehouse: definition, architecture and benefits

What is a data warehouse (Chapter 1), how is it structured (Chapter 2) and why do I as an organisation need a...

Wiki Analysis for Office

Optimised efficiency for end-users: SAP Analysis for Office (AfO)

This article provides an overview of SAP Analysis for Office (AfO). It also answers the following questions: what is an SAP...

Cover image WIKI Feature Data Marketplace of the Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC)

Feature: data marketplace in the Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC)

What is the DWC Data Marketplace? The DWC Data Marketplace in the new location for efficient Data Warehouse data importing...

Cover DWC Intelligent Lookup

DWC Intelligent Lookup

Definition DWC Intelligent Lookup When building complex data models in the data warehouse cloud, data from different sources such as...

Cover WIKI SAP BW Bridge 3 things you need to know now!

SAP BW Bridge: 3 things you need to know now!

This article describes the SAP BW Bridge, a new solution that connects corporate information systems with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud....

Cover image Wiki Amazon Redshift

What is Amazon Redshift?

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, cloud-based, petabyte-scale data warehouse product designed for storing and analysing large data sets....

Cover image Wiki Data Federation DWC Google BigQuery (1)

Data federation between SAP data warehouse Cloud and Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery and SAP Analytics Cloud in a live demo by Sven. You use "SAP Analytics Cloud" as a reporting tool and...

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What is a data warehouse (DW)?

Definition of a data warehouse (DW). A data warehouse is a company-wide database that contains data from various data sources of different types....

Core data service Wiki articles

Core data service (CDS) views in SAP business warehouse

CDS-what? When I first heard about CDS-Views, I thought "Here we go, yet another SAP three-letter abbreviation..."

Wiki article Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform

About the tool The former SAP Cloud Platform is now called SAP Business Technology Platform. This is a...

WIKI_Virtual access in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to Google BigQuery

Virtual access in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is what everyone is talking about at the moment, and is an effective tool for organising all data. Many companies are already collecting large...