Wiki Category: SAP Analytics Cloud

Wiki SAC GCP Excelimport

SAC & GCP Excel import

The article describes the SAC & GCP solution, with which Excel plan data can be easily and conveniently integrated into SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)....

Wiki Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services

Managed cloud services enable organizations to reap the benefits of cloud technology without having to deal with the complexities of cloud management...

Header Wiki Data Analytics Guide

Data & Analytics Strategy Guide

The importance of data has changed fundamentally in recent years. We are able to collect, store and use ever larger amounts of data. In order to manage data volumes sensibly...

Wiki Analysis for Office

Optimised efficiency for end-users: SAP Analysis for Office (AfO)

This article provides an overview of SAP Analysis for Office (AfO). It also answers the following questions: What is an SAP...

Wiki Financial planning with SAC

How does financial planning work with the SAC?

How can companies ensure future financial success? Financial planning plays an important role in this. Why financial planning makes sense...

Cover image Wiki_What is software as a service (SaaS)?

What is software as a service (SaaS)?

This article defines Software-as-a-Service and distinguishes it from Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service. In addition, well-known examples are presented and the functionality...

Cover picture WIKI SAC vs. Power BI

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) vs. Power BI: the reporting of the future

There are many reporting options that also include business intelligence. We have examined and compared the two market leaders: the mothership...

Cover image Wiki SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) The value driver tree

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): the value-driver tree

When evaluating key figures, it is often difficult to grasp the complex relationships correctly, completely and quickly. An efficient solution...

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