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Wiki Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services

Managed cloud services enable organizations to reap the benefits of cloud technology without having to deal with the complexities of cloud management...

Cover picture Wiki BigQuery ML

Maximizing business potential with BigQuery ML

A significant proportion of up to 80% of all data often consists of unstructured data, such as images, videos and text documents. This vast amount of information is often not used optimally. Interestingly, this unstructured diversity...

Header Wiki Data Analytics Guide

Data & Analytics Strategy Guide

The importance of data has changed fundamentally in recent years. We are able to collect, store and use ever larger amounts of data. In order to manage data volumes sensibly...

Wiki data quality

The importance of data quality for analytics

In the world of analytics, data quality is the key to recognizing relevant patterns and making informed decisions. Only with accurate and reliable data can companies realize the full potential of...

Cover_Wiki SAP Analytics Designer

What is the SAP Analytics designer?

Analytic Applications can be used especially when very specific requirements are placed on the layout of dashboards or even on...

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