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Wiki Big Query SAP Warehousing

Google BigQuery vs. SAP Warehousing

This wiki article presents two leading solutions for data management and analysis in the modern data-driven world: Google BigQuery and SAP BW. Both systems offer powerful functions, but differ in their approaches and areas of application.

Cover image Wiki Article SAP Data Intelligence

SAP Data Intelligence - Get more from your data with data intelligence.

How can data (streams) from different locations be used efficiently and intelligently? SAP Data Intelligence makes it easier for companies to understand and use their data...

Wiki Introduction Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery: The most important basics

With BigQuery, Google is selling a warehousing tool that is supposed to be able to replace established systems. What concrete advantages Google BigQuery offers, how data processing works with it and how the combination...

Wiki Analysis for Office

Optimised efficiency for end-users: SAP Analysis for Office (AfO)

This article provides an overview of SAP Analysis for Office (AfO). It also answers the following questions: What is an SAP...

Wiki. Embedded Analytics

SAP Embedded Analytics

SAP Embedded Analytics is, so to speak, a high-performance operational reporting in real time, which is displayed via a Fiori application. SAP Embedded...

Wiki What are CDS views

Core data service (CDS) views in SAP business warehouse

An ABAP Core Data Service is an SAP-compliant infrastructure that can be used to define and consume semantic data models...

Wiki Business Technology Platform

The SAP Business Technology Platform

The former SAP Cloud Platform is now called SAP Business Technology Platform. It is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)...

Wiki SAP Lumira Designer

What is the SAP Lumira Designer?

SAP Lumira Designer is the further development of the former SAP Business Objects Design Studio and is suitable for individual dashboard development...

Wiki Embedded Analytics

Virtual access in SAP Datasphere to Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is what everyone is talking about at the moment, and is an effective tool for organising all data. Many companies are already collecting large...

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