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Wiki ESG Reporting

ESG Reporting: Importance, Relevance and SAP Solutions

ESG is now more than just a trend - companies are using it to demonstrate the importance they attach to the issue of sustainability in their organization...

Wiki - The Big 5 - Sustainability Reporting

The sustainability reporting "big five"

Who sets the standards when it comes to sustainability reporting? The following expert article deals with this question. Five different...

Wiki Five sustainability KPIs

The five most important sustainability KPIs

Why do you need key performance indicators in the sustainability area? What are the 5 most important sustainability KPIs? And why are Sustainability KPIs important for your...

Wiki how to calculate the carbon footprint

Carbon footprint software overview

The calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) can be very time-consuming and complex. Therefore, there are more and more software tools that are designed to facilitate this calculation...

Wiki how to calculate the carbon footprint

How do I calculate the carbon footprint?

This article answers the question of how to calculate a carbon footprint. In the process, important...

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