Optimum relief for your company: use Managed Cloud Service now!

Efficient support for your company: Discover the advantages of the Managed Cloud Service for maximum relief and focus on your core business!

Managed cloud service gives you more time to focus on your core business

Optimum use of resources for your future-proof company: with the Managed Cloud Service, you avoid repetitive tasks so that you can focus solely on your core business.

The knowledge of our experienced senior consultants covers all tasks and services arising in the SAP BI environment.

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What sets the s-peers Managed Cloud Service team apart?

Comprehensive consulting, managed cloud services and basic services from a single source and in close coordination

Ensuring a smooth transition from project to operation without loss of know-how through internal knowledge transfer

A permanent German-speaking service manager as a single point of contact (SPoC)

Experienced senior consultants with extensive project experience

Possibility of scalability through nearshoring in cooperation with our partners

If required, we offer support around the clock (24/7) in cooperation with our partners

We see ourselves as an extended support for consulting services - which is why our Managed Cloud Services go beyond conventional ticketing. We offer long-term and sustainable support in the Managed Cloud Services not only during the project, but also after completion.

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What are Managed Cloud Services?

Managed Cloud Services are services by specialized providers to help companies manage, optimize and secure their cloud infrastructures and applications. These service providers take responsibility for various aspects of cloud usage and enable companies to use their cloud resources more efficiently, reduce costs and focus on their core business functions.

What are the key aspects of Managed Cloud Services?

Management of the cloud infrastructure

Managed Cloud Service providers manage a company's cloud infrastructure, including the provision, configuration and scaling of resources. This includes servers, storage, networks and other IT resources in the cloud.

Monitoring and security

The providers monitor the performance of the cloud environment and ensure the security of the data and applications in the cloud. They respond to security threats, implement security guidelines and ensure compliance with regulations.

Automation and scaling

Managed Cloud Services use automation tools to speed up processes and scale resources according to demand. This helps to increase efficiency and control costs.

Data management

The service providers offer support with data management, including backup and recovery, data migration, database management and data analysis.

Cost transparency

Managed Cloud Service providers help companies to better understand and control their cloud costs by offering cost analysis and optimization services.

Customer support and advice

Companies receive support and advice from experts to help them make the right cloud decisions and solve problems quickly.

Advantages of Managed Cloud Services

Flexible selection: from various flexible cloud models (public cloud, hybrid cloud)

Cost reduction: companies can reduce their IT costs as they no longer need to invest in their own IT infrastructure and specialists.

Compatibility: with all your SAP and non-SAP applications

Focus on the core business: companies can concentrate on their core competencies as IT management is outsourced to experts.

Security and compliance: Managed Cloud Service providers specialize in security and compliance, which ensures data security and conformity.

Scalability and flexibility: companies can scale their IT resources as required in order to adapt to changing requirements.

Access to specialist knowledge: companies benefit from our expertise as a managed service provider and SAP specialist as well as best practices in cloud usage.

Overall, Managed Cloud Services offer companies the opportunity to take advantage of cloud technology without having to deal with the complexities of cloud management and security. This can increase efficiency and strengthen competitiveness.


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