Innovative reporting with the SAP Analytics Cloud

What are the main features of SAP Analytics Cloud? How do individualized solutions work with SAP Analytics Cloud? What are the concrete advantages of reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud? These and other questions are answered here.

What are the advantages of reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)?

Reporting with SAC makes it possible to (1) build individual BI applications for different recipient groups quickly and easily; (2) integrate artificial intelligence to get new forecasts and insights, (3) customise the respective reports by the users (self-service) and (4) provide a central reporting platform and the ability to use it on all common devices.

Innovative reporting

Ad-hoc analyses and standardised reporting are combined, as each dashboard element can be analysed in any depth and multidimensionally. Further analyses can also be carried out directly.

Automated analyses and reports

The use of artificial intelligence sees controllers supported by numerous functions ranging from automated annotation to the creation of individual dashboards at the touch of a button.


The stories can be analysed and compared in almost unlimited fashion via individual filters.

Real-time dashboards

Dashboard elements and pages from different stories are combined in the digital boardroom, eliminating the need to create time-consuming presentations.

Management information design seminar


SAP Datasphere & SAP Analytics Cloud feature update in Q2/24

Date: 28.05.2024
Time: 08.30 - 09.15 a.m. 

Customisable solutions with the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Reporting with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): Overview of the SAC dashboard.

Thanks to the high-performance in-memory technology of SAP HANA, detailed data analyses can be carried out in real time via SAC, with the service rounded off by an app. The responsive design component allows the display to be adapted to the end device. As an SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, SAC is very easy to use and cost-effective. By definition, the software is always up-to-date and provides maximum performance. The SAC can also be implemented quickly, giving a productive start at short notice.

The SAC is not just a tool for visual representation - it represents a unified concept with a strategic character. On one single platform, it offers a combination of all relevant functions, namely:

This is further enhanced by options for forecasts via predictive analytics. The individual functionalities complement one another and thus increase the overall performance, while a seamless integration of various data sources (including on-premise and non-SAP) is also possible.

End users in the business units can retrieve and visualise data directly and in a very user-friendly way through central access via self-service BI, and can also create their own reports and stories. IT provides the IT governance and qualitative data centrally for this purpose, with users networked via a uniform platform and benefiting from simplified cooperation through modern, interactive collaboration functions.

Individual analyses using SAC are based on the concept of so-called storytelling, whereby each story can consist of various elements (e.g. diagrams, tables, geo-analyses). The SAC system generates suggestions for visualisations and the structure of story boards. Thus, reports and dashboards can be realised intuitively. In addition, SAC is currently the only SAP product that has already firmly implemented the standardised and advantageous visualisation based on the notation concept IBCS®. Therefore, no add-on from external manufacturers is required in this respect.

Hybrid on-premise and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) solutions

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) opens up the potential for you to maintain data and results securely in your company, as most SAP solutions for reporting and planning can be operated on company-owned hardware. These components are then complemented by the SAC, which provides new analytics solutions with rapid onboarding requirements.

Companies are by no means forced to replace their on-premise systems immediately and entirely with Cloud solutions. In fact, it makes more sense to gradually set up a hybrid solution of SAC and on-premise, so that existing systems can continue to be used, while at the same time expanding the system in a targeted and efficient manner with innovations in the Cloud. For the implementation of new reporting and planning projects, it is particularly advisable to opt for a Cloud solution right from the start.

Your point of contact for reporting with the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)
Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
Philipp May
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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

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