Google Cloud Data Transformation - Getting data into the right shape and using it for business use cases

Data Transformation enables the transformation of raw data into a usable form for business use cases. Technologies such as SQL, Python, dbt and great_expectations can be used to create efficient data pipelines in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and ensure data quality to gain valuable insights.

Google Cloud Data Transformation - exciting solutions from GCP for your data transformation applications

GCP offers powerful technologies for Data Transformation, including SQL and Python. Using tools such as dbt (Data Building Tool - Python) and great_expectations, data pipelines can be created, tested and managed to continuously update efficient data models.


Data Transformation


Open source tool for data analysts to manage SQL-based transformation workflows, enables repeatable, scalable and documented data transformations.

Data Modeling and Transformation: defines data models in SQL, enables modular code and complex data relationships, automates SQL script execution, and ensures consistent transformations.

Data Transformation


Open source Python package for reliable and maintainable data pipelines, enables definition and validation of data expectations across different sources and systems.

Flexible Expectations Syntax: enables complex expectations on data with multiple data types, operators and functions, supports validation during data processing.

Structured expectation management: improves maintainability and reliability of data pipelines through versioned definition and management of expectations, visualization of validation results in the dashboard.

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"Data transformation enables the conversion of raw data into a usable form for business use cases. With technologies such as SQL, Python, dbt and great_expectations, efficient data pipelines can be created in the GCP and data quality can be ensured in order to gain valuable insights." 

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Webinar Data modeling in the Google Cloud Platform

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