Planning starter sets

These are our Planning Starter Sets: Plan Consolidation with SAP Analytics Cloud, Predictive Sales Forecast and HR Workforce Planning & Simulation.

Our planning starter sets

Our unique Planning Starter Sets offer a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates Plan Consolidation with SAP Analytics Cloud, Predictive Sales Forecast and HR Workforce Planning & Simulation. Optimize your business strategy with our innovative planning technology and reach new heights in the efficiency and accuracy of your business processes.

This provides an important basis for all company-relevant decisions and delivers better results for your organisation in the long term.

Perfect Match: SAC + SAP S/4HANA = Optimal financial planning

Simplify and optimize your budgeting process with our SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) financial planning project template, developed from 8,000+ hours of project experience. Download the one-pager now!


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Onepager English

Plan elimination with SAP Analytics Cloud

We explain how you can use the SAP Analytics Cloud to carry out your plan elimination measures.

Predictive Sales Forecast

With the introduction of automated rolling extrapolation, a high level of analytical added value can be offered with controlling at the touch of a button. This includes:


HR Workforce Planning & Simulation

What does standardized personnel planning involve? How can we support you in this and what advantages does our out-of-the-box solution offer you?

s-peers AG: Your certified SAP Analytics solutions partner

s-peers AG is a certified SAP and Google Cloud partner. No matter where you are in your analytics landscape, you will find the right solution with us. 

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