Google Cloud Data Storage - cloud storage for all data formats and scalable to petabytes

GCP offers versatile data storage services: cloud database management, secure scalable storage, and comprehensive big data analytics. Optimize data management and insight discovery with powerful GCP solutions.

Google Cloud Data Storage - GCP offers these exciting solutions in the field of data storage

The Data Storage Services of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offer powerful solutions for efficient data storage and management. You can create and manage relational databases in the cloud, use secure and scalable storage for different types of data, and perform extensive analytics on large data sets.


Data Storage

Google Cloud SQL

Highly available and scalable Database-as-a-Service solution from Google Cloud for hosting and managing relational databases in the cloud.

Support for multiple database types: MySQL and PostgreSQL, automatic backups, replication for maximum availability and redundancy.

Easy-to-use and cost-effective solution: enables data to be stored, managed and analyzed in the cloud without having to worry about infrastructure.

Data Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Fully managed object storage service in the cloud, ideal for storing and retrieving documents, images and media files, accessible worldwide.

Advanced security and scalability: provides encryption, access control, high reliability, and usage-based costs.

User-friendly and customizable: easy to use via web-based user interface, command-line tool, and various client libraries. Minimal permanent data storage costs ensure security and accessibility.

Data Storage

Google Cloud Big Query

Fully managed data warehouse for fast SQL analysis of large data sets, scalable to petabytes, global network for fast queries.

Advanced features: machine learning integration, data partitioning, clustering to improve query performance and reduce costs.

User-friendly integration: web user interface, command line tool and client libraries for various programming languages.

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"The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data storage services offer powerful solutions for the efficient storage and management of data. With GCP, companies can not only create and manage relational databases in the cloud, but also use secure and scalable storage space for different types of data."

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Christian Blessing
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We are proud to be one of the pioneers of the European Google Cloud Platform scene and to be certified by Google as a certified partner .

As one of the first local Google Cloud Partners in Switzerland, we use GCP solutions to optimize our customers' IT landscape. Our customized solutions offer unparalleled efficiency, security and innovation to ensure your competitiveness in today's dynamic business landscape.


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