Sustainability Data Collector

Discover the Sustainability Data Collector - your all-in-one solution for the effortless collection, calculation and visualization of your company's ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) data. Easily collect ESG data from a variety of sources and formats (e.g. *.ifc or *.xlsx), consolidate it in SAP Datasphere, and see how SAP Analytics Cloud transforms this information into compelling graphics.

Easily into a sustainable future with our ESG solution

Introducing our innovative solution that allows you to easily collect, calculate and visualize your company's ESG data (3 pillars of sustainability: Environmental, Social, Governance). With our technology, you can collect relevant information from different source systems and different file formats (including Excel and IFC files) and consolidate it in SAP Datasphere, the ultimate single point of truth.

Gone are the days of manual data modeling and complex calculations. SAP Datasphere streamlines the process and allows you to model data in accordance with various ESG frameworks.
SAP Analytics Cloud is at the heart of data visualization and transforms ESG information into compelling and insightful graphics.

Automate your processes, gain valuable insights and make effective sustainability decisions effortlessly while ensuring compliance with various ESG frameworks.


ESG Automation

Discover the ease of automating your ESG reporting with our integrated solution. Integrate existing data effortlessly and supplement it with data from various formats such as Excel or IFC using a simple upload function.

Carbon footprint calculation

With s-peers, you receive a precise calculation of the CO2 footprint by automatically extracting data from various formats. We also create clear reports that transparently present the carbon footprint of individual components and complex structures.

Sustainability performance at a glance

Find out effortlessly how sustainable you really are. Our solution provides you with a quick insight into your sustainability performance thanks to clear reports. This makes it easier for you to achieve your sustainability goals and actively contribute to shaping a more sustainable future.


There is noinvestment in on-premise hardware is necessary.. The cloud also offers a sfast and flexible availability.

One system, three possibilities: Your all-in-one solution for versatile applications

Comprehensive ESG reporting

GRI Data Collector

Our innovative upload function makes it easy to upload sustainability data and integrate it directly into the appropriate ESG standard (e.g. GRI). Easily complete your sustainability report and strengthen your commitment to a sustainable future. 

Revolutionary data transformation

IFC Element Extractor

Our solution penetrates complex structures such as IFC files to calculate comprehensive carbon footprints. Easily capture all relevant data from various structures for your ESG report and actively shape a more sustainable future.

Template-based data integration

SustainFrame: The ESG template

Easily extract existing information from existing systems (e.g. ERP systems) and enter missing data manually in an intuitive input template that directly complies with the relevant sustainability standard.

How our solution helps you achieve greater sustainability

For a more sustainable future: measuring and improving sustainability performance

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, tools that help companies to act and operate more sustainably are crucial. Our Sustainability Data Collector is the answer to this challenge. With this innovative tool, companies can not only collect comprehensive ESG data, but also measure and calculate the CO2 emissions of their entire company and individual products and present them in clear visualizations.

Data integration made easy

Our solution enables companies to extract existing data directly from their ERP systems and prepare it on the basis of a customized data model. This seamless process makes data collection and processing much easier, saving valuable resources and time.

Insight into sustainability performance

Results are presented through engaging reporting dashboards that allow users to gain insights into your company's sustainability performance. These user-friendly dashboards provide the ability to edit, review and expand data.

Use knowledge, take action

The insights gained from our tools serve as a basis for deriving suitable measures and making a concrete contribution to climate protection. Sustainability thus becomes an integral part of your corporate strategy.

Find out more about the Corporate and Product Carbon Footprint.

Take the first step towards a more sustainable future. Contact us today to find out more about our solutions.

Your success is our contribution to climate protection.

Visual ESG Data

GRI Data Collector

Automate your processes, gain valuable insights and make meaningful sustainability decisions effortlessly while ensuring compliance with the ESG standard.

With our solution, you can collect relevant information from different source systems and different data formats (such as Excel) and merge it into SAP Datasphere - the ultimate single point of truth.

Get the most out of your existing data and fill in gaps with the simple Excel upload function. Our integrated GRI report (Sustainability Report according to GRI Standard 2021) in the SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to integrate existing data from ERP systems and easily transfer missing data from Excel to the GRI Standard.


No more manual data modeling and complex calculations. SAP Datasphere optimizes the process and enables you to model data in accordance with the GRI reporting framework. 


The presentation of your data becomes a highlight with SAP Analytics Cloud. It transforms your information into captivating and meaningful reports.

IFC Element Extractor

Identify areas with a high carbon footprint and make informed decisions for a more sustainable future.

Our solution enables the capture of relevant information from various source systems (e.g. SAP S/4 HANA or third-party providers) as well as design systems (CAD systems for the construction industry). This data is seamlessly transferred to SAP Datasphere. In addition, external data such as emission factors are integrated into SAP Datasphere via direct connections or flat file uploads. In this way, we enable a comprehensive calculation of the carbon footprint.

Once the data and information has been collected, it is then processed in SAP Datasphere to enable a precise calculation of the carbon footprint.

Experience the convenience of a single point of entry with the SAP Analytics Cloud. Here, the results of the carbon footprint are clearly visualized in appealing dashboards.

You can view and analyze all CO2 equivalents of each component and the entire building in detail at a glance. All data available in the *.ifc files can also be analyzed in an assembly reporting and enriched with additional information, such as purchase prices or delivery availability for simulation purposes. 

Visual Sustainability Data Collector
Visual ESG Report

SustainFrame - The ESG template

SustainFrame creates the foundation for sustainable data collection that not only shapes reports, but also paves the way to a greener future. With effortless integration and precise standardization, it helps to achieve sustainability goals.

With SustainFrame, you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual data collection and subsequent data consolidation. Our innovative template enables you to capture sustainability data directly in the SAP Analytics Cloud. By seamlessly integrating existing data from ERP systems, you not only create efficiency, but also a standardized data access point. This single point of entry gives users the ability to capture data directly and eliminates the need for tedious manual exchange of Excel files, for smooth and effective data enhancement.

SustainFrame enables expressive data visualization of results in the SAP Analytics Cloud. Our solution gives users the freedom to design individual dashboards according to their preferences. This includes the unique ability to seamlessly integrate other company information into the report alongside sustainability-related data. This flexible visualization option allows companies to present their sustainability efforts in a comprehensive context, providing a holistic picture of their sustainability performance.

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"Without a thorough accounting of our CO2 emissions, we cannot understand where we stand and how we will achieve our goals. Carbon accounting allows us to measure and understand our progress toward a sustainable future. It's the first step in acting responsibly and doing our part to protect the climate."

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