Licences and analytics roadmap

Is there a consulting timeline for which licences become relevant and when? When should I put my SAP Analytics S/4 solution through a transformation process? Why does it make sense for my company to carry out an analytics roadmap workshop?

SAP analytics is our field of expertise

Keep an eye on your licences - have your complete licence portfolio analysed and evaluated, and prevent unnecessary costs with licence advice!

The analytics roadmap architecture workshop helps to set up a sustainable view of all areas of the company.


In the SAP licences and analytics roadmap environment, we offer the following services:

Licensing consultancy

Analytics roadmap architecture workshop

Michael May
Michael May, Managing Director, s-peers AG

SAP Analytics consulting is our passion!

"We competently support you in using the potential of your technology as efficiently as possible and in sustainably optimizing your company's success. In doing so, we are characterized by responsibility, transparency and a well-founded way of working."

Michael May (CEO, s-peers AG)


Taking responsibility for finding the best solutions for your individual needs.



Based on your initial situation, your architecture will be analysed with a view to adapting it in a sustainable and long-term way.


Comprehensive advice for all short-, medium- and long-term issues, creating a secure basis for decision-making. 

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