Sustainability & the s-peers AG

The concept of sustainability is made up of three pillars: Environment, Economy and Social. As s-peers AG, we want to integrate these pillars of sustainability into our entrepreneurial activities and therefore place great emphasis on environmental protection, diversity and cohesion.

Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive
- both are feasible!

If you want to become sustainable, you have to measure it!

As an analytics consultancy, we help you to achieve your goal of becoming more sustainable as a company. In doing so, we pay attention to the fulfillment of international sustainability reporting standards (such as GRI, ISO 14064-1, ISO 14040).

Our employees are GRI certified

It is important to meet the standards for sustainability reports. Our employees are therefore GRI certified by the GRI Academy.

Entrepreneurship is responsibility

Entrepreneurial action means responsibility towards employees - but also towards society.

Swiss society demands sustainability

81% of Swiss people say that sustainability will play an important role in their future consumption decisions. We are part of this 81% and want to do our part for a more sustainable world.

Let's work together to prevent these numbers from rising any further!

As an SAP Analytics consultancy, we understand the importance of numbers in measuring the impact of climate change. Here are the eight most important figures on climate change:

0.1 °C
Warming of the Earth's surface since pre-industrial times
6.4 million km²
Decrease in sea ice area from 1979 to 2020
0 mm
Average global sea level rise per year
0 %
Increase in CO2 concentration between 1850 and 2020
0 %
Reduction of livestock worldwide since 1970
Number of animal species threatened with extinction in 2020
0 %
Increase in the acidity of the oceans
0 %
Ice loss on Greenland from 1981 to 2020

Sustainability Analytics Solutions

Eu taxonomy

Carbon accounting with the SAC

Sustainability control tower

Our activities for more sustainability

Plant next to laptop

Sustainability workshop

Dea Marovic is currently setting up the new department for Sustainability & Data, which goes hand in hand with an expansion of the sustainable product portfolio. The s-peers AG is an analytics consultancy, which is why our sustainability solutions also focus on data. It involves the collection, validation and visualization of data. Planning and forecasting solutions are then based on this. The Sustainability Workshop takes care of the products Carbon Controlling with the SAP Analytics Cloud, EU Taxonomy and Sustainability Control Tower (SAC).

Handball player


We are committed to sponsoring local clubs. We have supported the handball club HSG Konstanz since our company was founded. (© Peter Pisa)

Symbol waste


We are committed to the sustainable use of resources. Recycling our office materials plays an important role in this. From recycling paper to reusing old PCs, everything is included.


Vegetables cut from above

More environmentally friendly and healthy food

We offer our employees healthy, vegetarian and regional food in offices and at company events. When possible, we buy Fairtrade products. purchases.

Moss on wall

Healthy working environment

For better Our green office - but also our CO₂ dashboard, which measures air quality - ensures better air quality. Thisdashboard is also a prototype for CO₂ real-time monitoring.

Tree planting action

Sustainability projects

Sustainability is important to us. We therefore organize internal sustainability campaigns, such as our tree planting campaign in Tägerwilen, 2020. Financial support for sustainable projects is also planned for the future. 


Sustainability certification

We are currently working to certify our company through the Benefit Corporation (B-Corp). The certification will measure the company's positive impact in areas such as governance, employees, community, environment, and the company's product or service.

Medkits for Ukraine


Social sustainability is also important to us as a company. Therefore, in times of crisis, we organise internal fundraising campaigns to do our part to help. For example, we collected donations for flood relief in 2021 or for Ukraine in 2022.

Plant and notebook

Further training measures on the topic of sustainability

In order for us as a company to successfully integrate sustainability into the corporate culture of s-peers AG, the know-how of our employees on the subject of sustainability must also be built up. We have already been able to have various employees certified on the following sustainability topics: GRI Academy certification and SAP Business Success with Climate Action certification. 

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