Effective planning with the SAP Analytics Cloud

Which areas and functions are included in SAP planning, and are there hybrid solutions combining on-premise and SAP Analytics Cloud? Find the answers to these and other questions here.

Cooperative business planning

Cooperative planning for your company is the process that links and aligns all business planning. Silos are efficiently broken down, with teams from finance, human resources, sales, marketing, IT and logistics all working together on plans to achieve better business results.

Corporate planning (budgets, forecasts and medium-term planning) is of critical importance to all departments: only on this basis can efficiencies/inefficiencies be measured at all in comparison to the corporate goals in management reporting - followed, if necessary, by recommendation and initiation of corrective measures.

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SAP Datasphere & SAP Analytics Cloud feature update in Q2/24

Date: 28.05.2024
Time: 08.30 - 09.15 a.m. 


Encourage collaborative business planning that combined operational plans with financial targets.


Create more effective marketing plans and align them with your business goals. Forecast the impact of campaigns on sales and optimise their effectiveness, coupled with accurate tracking of the results.


Develop new sales plans and strategies. Track results in each channel and set targets along the way. Use advanced data visualisation tools to view and measure results in real time.

Human resources

Align HR planning with business objectives. Ensure the availability of the right skills at the right time by forecasting risks and skills gaps. Continuously optimise the entire HR planning process.


Combine all planning (sales, production, demand and procurement) and inventory management functions. Satisfy demand profitably with real-time planning of your logistics chains.


Targeted support for your company's strategic goals - coordinate your IT measures and budgets using a single solution that enables planning for projects, hardware, software and other expenses.

Your contact person for planning

"The subject of planning has become increasingly important for our customers in the Swiss market in recent years. Particularly in uncertain times such as these, SAP's planning tools help to implement faster, forward-looking action and thus make a lasting contribution to the success of the company.

We would be delighted to help you tackle the topic of planning using our coaching-style approach!"

Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
Philipp May
Head of reporting workshop

Our planning technologies

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is not just a tool for visual presentation - it represents a unified concept with a strategic element. The SAP product combines all the relevant BI/analysis, planning, data connection, dashboarding, reporting, simulation and advanced analytics functions on a single platform that can be extended with options for forecasts via predictive analytics. The individual functionalities complement each other and thus increase overall performance, with the possibility of seamlessly integrating a wide variety of data sources (including on-premise and non-SAP) at the same time.

Central access via self-service BI enables end-users in the business units to retrieve and visualise data directly and in a very user-friendly way, and also create their own reports and stories. IT provides the governance and qualitative data centrally for this purpose, with users networked via one single platform and able to benefit from simplified cooperation through modern, interactive collaboration functions.

Individual analyses using SAC are based on what is known as storytelling, with each story consisting of various elements (e.g. diagrams, tables and geo-analyses). The SAC system generates suggestions for visualisations and the structure of storyboards, with reports and dashboards created intuitively. SAC is currently the only SAP product that has already fully implemented the standardised (and highly beneficial) visualisation based on the IBCSÂź notation concept, which removes the need for add-ons from external manufacturers.

Thanks to the high-performance in-memory technology of SAP HANA, detailed data analyses can be carried out in real time using SAC, with a dedicated app also available for use. A responsive design component enables the displays to adapt to the end device. SAC can be used very easily and cost-efficiently as an SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, with the software therefore always up-to-date and providing maximum performance. The SAC can also be implemented quickly, enabling a productive start at short notice.


Reporting and planning: basic functions in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Business Intelligence (BI): SAC combines data from a wide variety of sources (internal, external, on-premise, SAP and non-SAP) to create the basis for solid (real-time) analyses, even for complex questions or problems. The results and findings can be visualised via ad-hoc reports.

Planning: SAC removes the separation between reporting and planning, with separate planning environments no longer necessary. Data can now be entered directly (i.e. without moving it back and forth), and actual data integrated into different planning versions. Integrated, interactive functions for live collaboration (e.g. comments, chats and calendars) make planning processes significantly faster and more efficient.

With the functions already integrated into the standard system, various forecast models can be generated for end-users based on time series analyses. There is also the opportunity to use "smart insights" to identify certain correlations of effects based on various factors of influence (e.g. turnover, sales area or product groups). In addition, value factor trees can be determined and alternative courses of action simulated.

Together, all of these options complete the analytics loop perfectly - for example when different planning possibilities are being weighed up and then transferred into the actual process.

Advantages of the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

  • High-performance HANA platform with real-time access and the ability to connect a wide variety of data sources (internal, external, on-premise, SAP and non-SAP)
  • Seamless combination of business intelligence, planning, and advanced and predictive analytics, all on a single platform
  • Highly user-friendy courtesy of self-service BI
  • Optimal visualisation (including dashboards, diagrams and tables)
  • Ability to use the IBCSÂź notation concept for maximum efficiency in decision-making
  • Interactive functions for collaboration and planning
  • Ability to send analyses and reports to mobile devices
  • Cost-efficient, up-to-date and effective all to the highest levels thanks to SaaS (software-as-a-service)
  • Implementation and production start-up possible very quickly

Most SAP solutions for reporting and planning can be operated on company-owned hardware. These components are complemented by the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), which provides new analytics solutions combined with rapid implementation.

Companies are by no means forced to replace their on-premise systems immediately and entirely with Cloud solutions. In fact, it makes more sense to gradually set up a hybrid solution of SAC and on-premise, so that existing systems can continue to be used, while at the same time expanding the system in a targeted and efficient manner with innovations in the Cloud. For the implementation of new reporting and planning projects, it is particularly advisable to opt for a Cloud solution right from the start.

As already mentioned, SAC opens up the possibility for you to continue to keep data and results securely within your company.

BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) is SAP's planning, budgeting and consolidation platform. This interactive solution for corporate planning provides business process flows to support planning processes based on transactions. In addition, you benefit from the potential of a seamless integration of SAP BW and the SAP BOBI Suite. Data from non-SAP systems can also be easily integrated.

Our field of expertise: planning

Our expertise will support you in expanding and exploiting the potential of your technology as efficiently as possible by means of planning.

We offer various services, including:

Our planning technologies

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC)

SAP BW: integrated planning

Training: Planning with SAP

  • We also offer regular training in small groups on planning with SAP BIT tools.
  • Duration of the introductory training: 1 day
  • Duration of the advanced training: 1 day
  • We are an SAP training partner - so you will also receive a globally recognised certificate.
  • On site or online possible
Contact person for training
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