Plan elimination with the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

In Group reporting, plan elimination is a crucial step in the consolidation process. With the SAP Analytics Cloud, plan elimination not only becomes more efficient, but also a clear competitive advantage for companies.

Use the full potential of plan elimination in the SAP Analytics Cloud!

In dynamic, complex markets, globally active corporate groups need to be more agile, precise and efficient than ever before. One key to this?

System-supported plan elimination on a uniform database: Plan elimination is a crucial process for groups to record, process and present budgets or financial plans of group companies in local currency from various sources.

But what exactly is behind it and how can the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) play a central role in this?

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Demo plan elimination in the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)


SAP Datasphere & SAP Analytics Cloud feature update in Q2/24

Date: 28.05.2024
Time: 08.30 - 09.15 a.m. 

Why is system-supported plan elimination of central importance?

Imagine a globally active group of companies with numerous subsidiaries in different markets with different currencies. This can quickly lead to a variety of transactions between the individual group companies, which must also be taken into account in the planning.

Without the application of appropriate elimination measures to the planning data (e.g. as part of budgeting or (rolling) extrapolation), subsidiaries may plan sales and/or profits that do not exist from a Group perspective. As these would arise from transactions within the Group. The risk is distorted financial planning at Group level, which can have a negative impact on strategic Group management.

Know your data! System-supported plan elimination ensures clarity by correctly eliminating internal business transactions, such as sales between Group companies, in Group currency. Plan elimination is therefore essential for the sound and strategic management of the entire group of companies.

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Philipp May, senior SAP Analytics consultant
Philipp May
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Why is the SAP Analytics Cloud the game changer for plan elimination?

No more complicated data imports. The SAP Analytics Cloud makes planning easier by providing intuitive tools for collecting financial data from various SAP and non-SAP sources.

Less manual work, fewer errors, more time saved. The platform can be used to automate many steps of the elimination process, from data entry, currency conversion and intercompany elimination to report generation.  

Eliminated Group financial plans are presented in dashboards and reports and provide a clear view of the Group's performance.

The SAP Analytics Cloud enables the conversion of currencies in order to display eliminated results in a standardized currency.

"What-if" analyses and the use of artificial intelligence enable extensive simulations and the creation of different planning scenarios (versions) in a short time on a uniform database, e.g:

With the collaboration tools of the SAP Analytics Cloud, teams can communicate and work together more effectively.

Fancy more? We offer you an exclusive insight into the world of consolidation and plan elimination with the SAP Analytics Cloud in our special demo.


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