Gain time for your core business with Application Management Services (SAP AMS) for your SAP BI system!

Take the plunge into the transformation of your core business now - with Application Management Services (SAP AMS).

One step closer to transforming your company with Application Management Services!

Application Management Services (AMS) supports companies in relieving themselves of recurring tasks so that they can focus on their main tasks. This covers both short-term staff shortages due to vacations, illness or parental leave and long-term support when there is a lack of SAP BI expertise or internal resources.

AMS offers a comprehensive service that includes support, monitoring and processing of change requests for your SAP BW system from a single source. Our services are characterized by passion and expert knowledge. The s-peers Application Management Services team ensures smooth application operation of the SAP BI landscape and integrates all relevant components, including helpdesk, service desk, 2nd level and 3rd level support.

A dedicated personal contact is available to you. You also receive detailed statistics on response times, resolution times and the current status of your queries. Our support gives you direct access to the SAP knowledge of over 50 BI consultants, who can be integrated directly if required.

Our experienced senior consultants cover all tasks and services arising in the SAP BI environment.

Remote Controlling
Implementation of change requests
2nd & 3rd level support
Incident and user management
Maintenance & optimization
Support for system upgrades
Transformation of the LSA to LSA++
Support of the s-peers HR package
Daily process monitoring

What distinguishes the s-peers Application Management Services team?

Comprehensive advice, AMS and basic services from a single source and in close coordination

Ensuring a smooth transition from project to operation without loss of know-how through internal knowledge transfer

A permanent German-speaking service manager as a single point of contact (SPoC)

Experienced senior consultants with extensive project experience

Possibility of scalability through nearshoring in cooperation with our partners

If required, we offer support around the clock (24/7) in cooperation with our partners

Our AMS goes beyond conventional ticketing - we see ourselves as an extended support for consulting services. Even after the project has been completed, we offer long-term and sustainable support in Application Management Services.

What is SAP Application Management Service (SAP AMS)?

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) offer a comprehensive range of services and support for companies using SAP software solutions. These services include the management, maintenance and optimization of SAP applications to ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently.

The main components of SAP AMS generally include:

Application management

This covers the ongoing monitoring and management of SAP applications to ensure that they function properly. This includes tasks such as patching, configuration, troubleshooting and performance monitoring.

Customer support and assistance

SAP AMS provides support for end users to resolve problems and queries related to SAP applications. This can include the operation of a helpdesk or support team.

Customization and extensions

The customization and extension of SAP applications to adapt them to the specific business requirements of your company can also be part of SAP AMS. This includes the development of customizations, reports and enhancements.

Upgrades and updates

SAP AMS vendors help plan and execute SAP software upgrades and updates to ensure your applications are up to date.

Security and compliance

The security of SAP applications and compliance with data protection and security guidelines are key aspects of SAP AMS. This includes the identification and elimination of security vulnerabilities.

Advantages of Application Management Services

Cost optimization:

SAP AMS enables companies to reduce the cost of operating and maintaining SAP applications by utilizing external experts instead of hiring and training internal resources.

Better performance and availability:

Continuous monitoring and maintenance of SAP applications optimizes application performance and minimizes downtime.

Focus on the core business:

By outsourcing the management and maintenance of SAP applications, companies can focus their internal resources on driving their core business and strategic initiatives.

Flexibility and scalability:

SAP AMS service providers offer flexible service models that can be adapted to a company's changing requirements.

Access to specialist knowledge:

Companies benefit from the expertise and experience of SAP experts who are able to overcome complex challenges and apply best practices.

Reduction of risks:

Compliance with best practices and standards minimizes the risk of failures and security problems.

Overall, SAP Application Management Services provide an effective way to manage and optimize SAP applications, allowing companies to take full advantage of their SAP investments.

With our AMS: using technology effectively for your company

"Using digital technologies is not just about the technology itself, but more about how you can use it profitably for your business. At s-peers, we combine in-depth analytics with proven best practices and proactive problem management to optimize your digital transformation with our SAP Application Management Services. The visible results are more agile business processes, a noticeable reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) and the automation of time-consuming tasks through robotic process automation (RPA) - to name just a few examples.

The areas of IT operations, integration and innovation can form the cornerstones of your intelligent transformation. We support you in finding the optimal balance and offer more than just the operation of your IT systems.

Make your company fit for the future and transform it with the help of our application management services!"

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