Google Cloud Computing - Scalable services for automated and efficient process flows

Learn how you can take advantage of Google Cloud technologies to build scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions for your business. In this section, we'll introduce the different Google Cloud Computing options and explain how they can be deployed.

Google Cloud Computing - diverse solutions from GCP

GCP's computing technologies offer a wide range of solutions to help you run and scale your applications efficiently. From creating and managing custom virtual machines to developing serverless web applications and APIs, the services in this category offer several options to meet your needs. By running containers in a serverless environment and scaling automatically, GCP enables optimal use of resources. Additionally, specific tasks can be automated and responsive functions can be developed. GCP's versatile computing solutions support you in a variety of use cases, from web development to workload automation and scaling.

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We are proud to be one of the pioneers of the European Google Cloud Platform scene and tobe certified by Google as a partner. As one of the first local Google Cloud Partners in Switzerland, we use Google Cloud Product (GCP) solutions to optimize our customers' IT landscape.

Experience unparalleled efficiency, security and innovation through our customized solutions that ensure your competitiveness in today's dynamic business landscape.

Overview of Google Cloud Computing products:


Compute Engine

A compute instance provided by Google to create and run virtual machines in the cloud.

Hardware and software flexibility: users can customize VMs with different configurations, including CPU, RAM, storage and operating system.

Scalability as a key benefit: VM resources can be expanded or reduced as needed to quickly adapt to changing work requirements.


Kubernetes Engine

Fully managed service for deploying and scaling containerized applications using Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform.

Simplified management: GKE abstracts the complexity of Kubernetes cluster management, allowing developers to focus on application development.

Robust and scalable infrastructure: provides automatic scaling, load balancing, and security features for large container deployments.


App Engine

Fully managed PaaS offering for easy creation and deployment of scalable web applications without hardware or software configuration.

Support for common languages and frameworks: developers can work in various programming languages such as Java, Python, Node.js, etc. and benefit from a wide range of tools for efficient application development.

Focus on code development: developers can focus on writing their code while Google manages infrastructure and scalability.


Cloud Run

Managed container deployment service that enables developers to build and run applications in the cloud without infrastructure worries.

Easy scalability: suitable for microservices, offers fast scaling on demand and can be combined with other Google Cloud services.

Versatile support: suits web applications, APIs and microservices in various programming languages and frameworks such as Go, Node.js, Python, Java, .NET Core and Ruby.


Cloud Functions

Serverless computing for executing code in various languages such as Node.js, Python, and Go, based on specific events such as HTTP requests or cloud service events.

Fully managed service: Google takes care of infrastructure, scaling and security, users only pay for the computing resources they actually use and can control costs dynamically.

Event response: enables the creation of background tasks based on time intervals or other events in Google Cloud services.

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