You want to calculate the carbon footprint easily and automatically?

The "IFC Element Extractor": Our pioneering solution for sustainable construction. Through innovative technology, we enable construction companies to automatically capture and analyze the carbon footprint to create a greener future.

The solution for an automated calculation of the carbon footprint!

How can IFC Element Extractor support your business?

The basic prerequisite for the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions is their measurement - to achieve sustainability goals and legal obligations, it is therefore necessary to be able to capture this data. The IFC Element Extractor provides automated collection, calculation, as well as visualization of your products' CO₂ emissions and is therefore the optimal application to help your company achieve a more sustainable future. 

The data modeling as well as the calculation of the carbon footprint takes place in SAP Datasphere, the visualization of the data in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).

With IFC Element Extractor, a holistic approach is taken that includes Data Collection, Data Modeling, Mapping and Calculation, and Reporting. Read more in our onepager or contact us directly for an appointment!

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"Carbon footprint calculation and analysis is a fundamental requirement for legal compliance. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is not only a crucial tool for business innovation, but also a sign of responsible action. IFC Element Extractor proves to be the appropriate tool for this purpose."

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