Achieve new levels of planning with the Predictive Sales Forecast Starter

Forecast optimisations at the touch of a button

With the introduction of an automated rolling extrapolation, controlling can be offered a high analytical added value at the push of a button. With the Predictive Sales Forecast Starter Set the susceptibility to errors of the manually performed monthly extrapolation is greatly minimised. Zn addition whe due to the enormous time saving capacities are freed up.

The advantages at a glance:


Planning optimisation

Companies benefit from a clearly structured monthly rolling projection process and have a very good complement to regular planning with the Rolling Forecast. 


Efficiency increase

The budgeting process is optimised and thereby less errorsfellig. The information density and The information density and forecasting accuracy are massively increased, while at the same time the manual workload is greatly minimised.


Generate competitive advantage

By recognising early indicators - e.g. fluctuations in key sales figures - those responsible can observe developments and basically act on them with foresight.


Flexible control options

Constant time horizons can be mapped independently of the financial year. The focus can be on monetary and non-monetary KPIs.

SAP Training in Analytics

The Predictive Sales Forecast Starter Set

As part of the automation of rolling projections, s-peers specifically relies on a system developed and implemented in-house, which forecasts all forecast values based on the latest algorithms at the click of a mouse.

This can include all forecast scenarios for organisational business units, e.g. locations, branches or subsidiaries. Rolling long-term forecasts of quantities to be sold lead to optimised medium- and long-term procurement processes and also support the long-term assessment of company units or products. With the s-peers Starter, s-peers offers the company a quick and safe entry into automated rolling long-term forecasting, whereby you also benefit from additional BI reporting functions. 

  • Automated rolling long-term forecast of sales volumes and turnover for all business units with a very high forecasting accuracy can be created at the push of a button
  • Intelligent analysis tools (monitoring) efficiently support the monitoring of data quality (outlier analyses)
  • Predefined reports as a starting point for further analyses: comparison of the forecast values with the actual and previous year's values
  • IBCS®-compliant representations
  • Possibility to create own reports based on the predefined data model (self-service)
  • Collaboration and commenting functions

To achieve highly accurate forecasts, the s-peers Starter provides 29 algorithms with up to 100 models. Model selection is done by a combination of AIC1 and sales-weighted MAPE2.

Sales volumes per product are forecast and multiplied by the last available monthly average price to obtain a reliable sales forecast. Forecasts are also possible for entities/sites or other business units.

The algorithm is triggered via the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC). All the necessary system libraries and the algorithms are available via the web services of the Google Cloud Platform.

The automated predictive sales forecast is integrated into an SAP Analytics Cloud Story - the forecast values are compared with the actual and previous year's values and can be analysed and processed accordingly.

Bundling the forecasting, analysis and reporting functionalities in a single platform with a uniform database enables seamless exchange between all business units (supported by collaboration and commenting functions, among other things).

Analyst working with Business Analytics and data management syst
  • Fast deployment mode via cloud infrastructure
  • Set-up for s-peers starter and introduction
  • Full remote access mode available
  • Typical set-up time: 2-3 days
  • SAP Data Warehouse Cloud
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • R server (via Google Cloud Platform Services)

Whitepaper: Predictive Sales Forecast Starter Set

Why the automated rolling forecast
In the white paper, you will learn (1) how you can
you can manage your business in a more targeted way, (2) how much time you can save through AI and automation and (3) how the procedure or the process of rolling forecasts process.

The automation of rolling extrapolation

As part of the automation of income statement forecasting, customers of s-peers AG rely on a system developed and implemented by s-peers, which forecasts and consolidates all income statement items of all business units based on the latest algorithms at the click of a mouse.

The advantages are obvious: considerably less effort for the controller, no more errors due to manual inputs and a much higher information density of the forecasts.

Learn more about motivation, prerequisites and implementation in our recording.

Webinar Automation of rolling extrapolation
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