Modules: The learning fields of the learning workshop


The content of the learning workshop is organised according to the following modules:

The focus of this module is on acquiring basic know-how and continuous training on SAP products, as well as on technologies in the field of analytics. The specific education and upskilling programmes serve as a guideline for the development and further expansion of know-how.Upskilling-documents on various technologies. These are structured according to the respective workshops to which the employees of the s-peers AG employees belong to (data, reporting, forecasting and Industry 4.0 workshops) or by individual SAP products (HANA, BW/4HANA, BW on HANA, Analytics Cloud, Data Warehouse Cloud).


  • SAP Analytics Cloud Education and Upskilling
  • Upskilling HANA
  • Upskilling Datawarehouse Cloud (DWC)
  • Education_BWS BW + HANA
  • Education_DWS BW + HANA
  • Upskilling BW/4
  • Education PWS  

The focus of this module is to gain a sound technical knowledge in order to understand the processes and the content-related questions of our customers in order to be able to work out competent solutions. Within the module, technical basics from the areas of accounting and controlling are used in particular. 


  • Upskilling Accounting + Controlling
  • Upskilling planning 
  • Upskilling report design 

This module aims to impart knowledge around project processes. Topics such as project controlling, project management techniques and project experiences are addressed. The aim is to provide a systematic introduction to a project specifically designed for s-peersanalytics project management specially developed for s- peers.

Dhe skills to build stringent arguments and presentations are the aim of this module.



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