Google Cloud Infrastructure & Fundamentals - A solid foundation is the basis for a scalable and performing cloud infrastructure

"Infrastructure & Fundamentals" provides solid tools for scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructures. Efficient provisioning and management of resources, powerful applications and seamless integration enable progress and success.

Google Cloud Infrastructure & Fundamentals - GCP solutions in this area

The "Infrastructure & Fundamentals" provide tools for the efficient deployment and management of basic infrastructure elements. They support development and operational processes, enable the development of powerful applications, data analytics and scripts. Through the integration of GitHub & DevOps, software development projects can be efficiently managed and seamlessly deployed. Docker enables packaging of applications and dependencies into isolated containers for easy deployment. Terraform enables automated management and scaling of resources in GCP.


Infrastructure & Fundamentals


Interpreted high-level programming language, developed in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, today one of the most popular languages.

Object-oriented: based on the concept of objects, facilitates the creation and maintenance of complex programs.

Simple and powerful: easy-to-read syntax, ideal for beginners, but also flexible and powerful, therefore popular with experienced programmers.

Infrastructure & Fundamentals

GitHub & DevOps

GitHub: web-based platform for code management, collaboration and version control, popular in open source development.

DevOps: practices for integrating software development and IT operations to improve deployment speed, reliability, and quality. Collaboration, automation and continuous feedback play a central role.

Infrastructure & Fundamentals


Application containerization technology for consistent deployment and execution across multiple environments.

Containerization: isolates applications and dependencies in individual containers, allows them to run in an independent environment.

Tools and portability: Docker provides container management tools such as Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, and Kubernetes, as well as the ability to create portable images for multiple platforms. This facilitates development, testing, and deployment.

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