Embedded analytics: Visualization with Fiori

What is embedded analytics and how can data be visualized in Fiori? What analysis functions are available with Fiori? These and other questions are answered here.

What is embedded analytics with Fiori

What is Fiori?  

SAP Fioriis a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a design concept for the ERP program SAP S/4HANA. The Fiori apps were SAPdeveloped to improve the user-friendliness and visual appearance of SAP applications.

Embedded analytics with Fiori

The term "embedded analytics"refers to the integration of analytics functions directly into business processes and applications of the SAP S/4HANA ERP program. Embedded analytics are the analytics applications provided by SAP free of charge and delivered OOTB (Out of the Box). Fiori Analytics applications are ready to use without the need for additional customization or configuration.

What are the advantages of embedded analytics with Fiori?

User-friendliness and modern design

  • Intuitive user interfaceFiori applications are easy to use and require less training. 
  • ConsistencyConsistent design and behavior across different applications. 

Mobile working

  • Responsive designFiori applications automatically adapt to different devices and screen sizes. 
  • Mobile appsUsers can perform important business functions from anywhere on their mobile devices. 

Integration with SAP systems

  • Seamless integrationFiori applications are closely linked to SAP backend systems. 
  • Single sign-onUsers log in once and can access all relevant applications. 

Efficiency & productivity

  • PersonalizationUsers can customize their working environment and prioritize frequently used functions. 
  • Quick accessFiori offers a central start page with relevant apps and information. 
  • Contextual navigationUsers can switch seamlessly between different tasks. 
Your contact for embedded analytics with Fiori

"We are happy to support you with embedded analytics with Fiori so that you can make the most of the possibilities of your technology and the associated reporting."

    Philipp Lemp
    Philipp Lemp
    Senior Analytics Consultant

      What analysis functions are available in Embedded Analytics in Fiori?

      Smart Business KPIs

      • KPI monitoring with the Fiori Launchpad
      • Drill-down into further analytical and transactional applications
      • Save personal variants

      Overview Pages

      • Consolidated overview of a specific area, e.g. purchasing
      • Presentation as analytical tables and diagrams
      • Jump to detailed views possible
      • Save personal variants

      Analytical List Pages

      • Combination of analytical and transactional activities
      • Display of tables and diagrams
      • Actions directly in the app or jumps possible

      Multidimensional Reports

      • Analyze and visualize data from multiple dimensions
      • Display of pivot table and diagrams


      SAP S/4HANA is the basis for embedded analytics.

      Fiori is free of charge and included in the S/4HANA license.

      SAP has the so-called Fiori Apps Library where all Fiori apps can be found.

      Once the Fiori Launchpad has been successfully activated, it is sufficient to assign the corresponding role to the user. The roles and further information on the apps can be found in the Fiori Apps Library.

      1. SAP Fiori improves the user-friendliness and efficiency of business processes.
      2. It offers a uniform user interface across different devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone).
      3. The applications are role-based and offer personalized views. 

      The SAP Fiori Launchpad is a web-based GUI on which all SAP Fiori apps are made available to end users on the web. 

      It offers a personalized start page with tiles that users can use to access their relevant applications. 

      Further analytics solutions

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