IT project management and BI solutions for sustainable growth

How does a seamless IT project management and BI solution create sustainable business growth? Optimize success now: Professional support for your BI project - clear, neutral and efficient!

How do you keep an eye on project success with IT project management?

Successfully managing IT projects requires more than just luck. Clear objectives, sufficient resources and continuous risk management are crucial to keep the project on track. Effective IT project management can help you stay on track. 

The s-peers team stands by your side - with customizable tools that can be used in a variety of ways to ensure the success of your project.

IT project management consulting: Success explained in 90 seconds!

The best mix of two worlds: the waterfall method in combination with agile best practices

A neutral resource from the s-peers project management team

Customized approach based on your specific requirements and framework conditions

Scalable, with additional services such as PMO or Organizational Change Management (OCM)

You have the project, s-peers has the right IT project management. Project management as a service is the easily scalable service model that is precisely tailored to your individual needs. If you opt for one of the preconfigured service packages from the cloud, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Experienced and certified project management team

Project resources scalable as needed

Ready to start: 2 weeks after order

Everything possible online - if you want it

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How can different IT project management services be compiled and combined with the service catalog?

Discover the IT project management service catalog here: 

Service Catalogue Project Management s-peers AG

Figure 1: Project Management , Basic PM, Project Coordinator, Transformation Manager, Project Manager, Initiation, Stakeholder, Planning, Execution and controlling.

What makes the s-peers project management consulting approach successful?

s-peers' project management approach places great emphasis on an effective and flexible way of working in project management in order to achieve the highest added value for customers. The approach combines the waterfall method with agile best practices, in particular the Scrum framework, in order to utilize the advantages of both methods.

At the start of each project, the appropriate project management method is selected based on the specific requirements and framework conditions. This ensures a customized approach that is optimally tailored to the customer's needs. The aim is to integrate proven practices and best practices into the working method. The focus is on regular communication, clear objectives and transparent reporting to ensure the success of the project. We are always open to new findings and adjustments in order to achieve the best possible result. To further increase quality and customer satisfaction, additional services such as PMO support, Organizational Change Management (OCM) or extended project manager services are offered. These complementary services ensure seamless integration and successful project progress.

Your contact for IT project management.

"Project management is the key to the successful implementation of ideas and visions. It brings structure and discipline to complex projects and ensures that time, resources and budget are used efficiently.

Without project management, it would be difficult to achieve the goals and results that are critical to a project's success."

Philipp Ermisch
Philipp Ermisch
Senior Analytics Consultant



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